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  • Trenchless Sewer Repair: 10 Convincing Reasons To Say Yes To No-Dig

    Atlanta trenchless sewer repair leaves your landscaping and trees in place without destroying your lawn. This is less invasive than traditional dig-and-replace services where a trench runs the entire length of the underground sewer line. Specifically, traditional dig-and-replace sewer methods involve digging a trench along the complete stretch of the current pipeline, removing the current pipe, and replacing it with a new pipe. The deep trench extends the length of the sewer line and can leave permanent scars in a once lush lawn.

    Fortunately, the trenching along the entire length of the pipe of traditional sewer digging methods is not the only way to address a sewer line problem. This is a huge benefit, but not the only one. Here you will discover the top ten reasons Atlanta trenchless sewer repair is better for you and your property.

    #1. Trenchless Is Tidy

    As detailed above, traditional sewer line repair means digging up old pipes, removing them, and replacing them with new pipes. Unfortunately, that means digging up anything above and around your sewer line. Digging up other areas of your property may be required.You may not be able to access your home easily. Mud can be tracked inside easily, and carpets will need to be professionally cleaned. You can avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of coming home to a disgusting muddy pit with trenchless sewer line repair

    #2. Trenchless Is Quick

    A trenchless plumbing repair crew completes projects more quickly than a crew using the dig-and-replace method. With less disruption to landscaping, driveways, sidewalks, and trees, trenchless is the quick and tidy obvious choice for sewer line restoration.

    #3. Trenchless Is Safer

    With minimal digging, trenchless sewer repair is safer than trenching options. Excavation is hazardous and can be deadly if underground utility lines are not avoided. Additionally, digging can release toxic gases and can allow harmful substances to permeate your water supply.

    #4. Trenchless Corrects Sewer Line Issues

    Over time sewer lines deteriorate. Cracks, settling, tree root intrusion, and other disturbances damage sewer lines underground. Sewer line leaks, clogs, blockages, backups, and other issues result. Trenchless sewer repair solutions can correct everything from minor sewer line cracks to severely damaged, distorted sewer lines with extensive material loss. Trenchless sewer line repair works to fix any of these common sewer line issues.

    #5. Trenchless Works On Various Types of Sewer Line

    Sewer lines, pipes, and drains installed underground over 50 years ago are leaking, bursting, and in need of rehabilitation. Keep your lovely lawn intact with trenchless sewer repair whether your existing sewer is circa 1900 clay tile pipe, circa 1948-1970 Orangeburg pipe, or another type of pipe.

    #6. Trenchless Raises Sewer Line Quality

    Trenchless pipe repairs put durable high-quality piping material in place. Unlike your existing pipe in need of repair, these new pipes are impervious to corrosion, rusting, and tree root invasions.

    #7. Trenchless Improves Sewer Line Function

    Choosing a trenchless sewer line repair solution can improve the functionality of your sewer line. Flow capacity improves when the new pipe is larger in diameter. Furthermore, inside the smooth slick new pipe sewage moves freely at an increased flow speed.

    #8. Trenchless Reduces Future Sewer Line Costs

    Because trenchless sewer repair installs long-lasting durable piping it cuts future costs. Your new sewer line has a 50 to 100-year life expectancy.

    #9. Trenchless Preserves Landscaping

    Extensive trenching on any property is muddy and messy. Plants, grass, bushes, and trees will be damaged if not destroyed. After the initial clean-up, expect a long arduous re-landscaping process. But, do not expect the property to return to its former glory; likely, it will not. Deciding to use trenchless sewer repair means you avoid the time, effort, and expense of re-landscaping your property.

    #10. Trenchless Decreases Post Project Reconstruction

    Under the traditional method of sewer relief, a replacement or additional parallel sewer line is constructed by digging along the entire length of the existing pipeline. Trenchless sewer rehabilitation causes less disturbance, so less post-project restoration is necessary.

    Mitigating the amount of post-project restoration is of critical importance when it comes to driveways, walkways, and patios. Sewer lines can run under garages or home additions, too. The cost of reconstructing any of these structures will easily add thousands to your project.

    Luckily, Atlanta trenchless sewer repair options allow these structures along with landscape lighting to remain in place and undisturbed. Consequently, there is no need to hire contractors to re-build and re-install anything post project. This includes retaining walls, water features, birdbaths, and other hardscape elements on your property.

    What To Remember

    Trenchless Sewer Repair is tidier, quicker, and safer than other options. It corrects common sewer line issues and works on clay tile pipes and other types as well. After a trenchless repair, you have a higher quality sewer line with better functionality that lasts a lifetime. Choose Atlanta trenchless sewer line repair to preserve your property, minimize disruption and decrease post-project reconstruction.

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