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    Why Atlanta Sewer Line Replacement is Better Than Repair

    For sewer line replacement in Atlanta, contact Morningside Plumbing.

    The process of sewer line replacement in Atlanta takes place quite often. You might be thinking that it would be easier to just have a faulty sewer line repaired, as well as cheaper, but there are a lot of cases where total replacement of the sewer system might be a better idea. Let’s look at a few reasons why a total sewer line replacement may be necessary.

    Problems Can Be Hard to Locate

    One issue that might keep you from just having your sewer line repaired is that you might not be able to locate the source of the sewer problem. After all, most sewer pipes are buried deep underground. While you might see wet patches on your lawn or smell foul odors, nailing down the source can be time consuming, frustrating, and costly.

    In fact, it can cost over $1,000 just to call in a company and have them identify the source of your sewer system problem. Once the problem is identified, it can cost even more than that to repair it properly. That’s why many homeowners simply opt to avoid those added expenses by getting their sewer systems completely replaced. The reality is that most malfunctioning sewer systems are probably in need of replacement anyway. Although, there are some instances where minor repairs are enough, and our team here at Morningside Plumbing can help you with repairs as well.

    Certain Problems Cannot Be Fixed

    Another issue to consider is that some sewer problems simply can’t be repaired, even if they can be located. Others might be fixable, but not easily. For example, if your sewer line is back-pitched, it might be better to have it completely replaced. It can be hard to correct that problem without replacing the whole system.

    Sewer Systems Wear Out Over Time

    You also need to keep in mind that sewer systems don’t last forever. They do wear out over time. When you call us about a sewer line problem, our trained staff members may suggest a repair or a full replacement, depending on a number of factors. One of those factors is the age of the system. It might simply have worn out.

    When you have a sewer line repaired as opposed to replaced, you should also understand that the work done to your system won’t be guaranteed for as long a time period. Brand new sewer systems can offer you a lot more peace of mind because of their longer guarantees.

    What About the Cost Difference?

    It’s certainly true that a full sewer line replacement will cost more than a sewer line repair. However, a repair may not be as cost-effective over time. Consider the fact that, if one part of your sewer line needs a repair now, another part might need to be repaired soon. That means that the costs will soon add up. That’s why a total replacement of your sewer line system may actually wind up costing you less.

    Here at Morningside Plumbing we offer only top-quality services and expert advice. Unlike some companies, we will never suggest procedures that we don’t think you absolutely need. So, when you call us about having a sewer line replacement done, we will come examine the problem first. Then, depending on our findings, we may suggest either a repair or a total replacement.

    We will quickly answer any questions that you may have about the process. Whatever your decision is, our trained technicians will take care of your repair or replacement quickly. So, you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience, odor, or potential health hazards of a sewage backup.

    Are you still uncertain about whether you should have your sewer line replaced or just repaired? Well, don’t worry! Just give us a call at (404) 984 2080.

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