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  • Sewer Line Replacement Cost

    What can you expect from sewer line replacement cost? Get the details.

    If you’re thinking of replacing your home’s sewer line, the sewer line replacement costs should be one of your first considerations. The cost of this service can vary significantly depending on a multitude of factors. Of course, there are a few different options available for replacing a sewer line, and each home and sewer line are unique—so what’s right for one situation may not be ideal for another.

    Here’s what you need to know before you begin budgeting for this expense, including the primary factors that will influence quotes for this service.

    What Is a Sewer Line Replacement?

    A sewer line replacement is a replacement of the entire line that runs from your home to the main sewer system. While many homes have a complex plumbing system, all of the plumbing lines eventually lead out either to the main water supply or the main sewer system. Over time, the main sewer line will age and degrade. Eventually, it will be important to replace the pipes if the sewer system is to remain effective.

    What Are the Methods of Sewer Line Replacement?

    There are three major methods of sewer line replacement:

    • 1. Trenched
    • 2. Trenchless pipe-bursting
    • 3. Trenchless pipe-lining

    Trenched sewer line replacement is one of the oldest methods, which involves digging a trench along the sewer line, pulling up the pipes, and replacing them. Trenched sewer line replacement costs less than trenchless replacement for the materials alone but may cost about an equal amount when you factor in the labor cost.

    Trenchless pipe-lining is more affordable than trenchless pipe-bursting. Pipe-lining lines the inside of an existing pipe with new pipe material, and is suitable for pipes that have not been significantly damaged. Pipe-bursting replaces the entire pipe without tearing up the ground around it; it’s an effective method but likely the most expensive. Though most sewer line replacements today are still trenched, trenchless sewer replacements are on the rise.

    How Do You Know You Need a Sewer Line Replacement?
    • You have recurring issues with your sewer line. If you’ve had to repair your sewer line multiple times recently or had to continuously clear out clogs, it’s possible it will save you money by replacing the line now.
    • Your sewer line is old. If you have an older home and your sewer line is 40 years old or older, it’s likely the pipes have simply reached the end of their useful lifespan. Pipes are only designed to last so long.
    • You have a significant amount of damage to your sewer line. If earthquakes, trees, sinkholes, or other similar issues have damaged your sewer line, it may cost nearly as much to replace the entire system as it would to repair it.
    • Your sewer fails an inspection. If you aren’t sure whether you need to replace your sewer line, you can schedule a thorough inspection with a sewer camera, which will provide you with a better picture of the sewer’s current condition.
    What Impacts Sewer Line Replacement Cost?

    Sewer line replacement costs fluctuate based on the type of replacement you choose. It also changes based on the amount of sewer line you need to replace and the existing environment surrounding the sewer line. In general, the most significant factor in the cost of a replacement will be the length of sewer line your system has. This is the metric plumbers use to calculate how much each type of replacement will cost.

    Regardless of how much sewer line replacements may cost, they’re necessary. If you suspect you need to replace your sewer line, the time to get a quote is now. Contact Morningside Plumbing today to get a quote and a professional consultation.

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