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    Facts About Atlanta Garbage Disposal Repair: Here’s what you need to know.

    If your home has a sink with a garbage disposal unit, you might think of that as extremely convenient. However, what was once convenient can quickly become inconvenient, if your garbage disposal suddenly starts to malfunction. When that happens, it can not only keep you from disposing of waste the way you want to, but it can even cause unpleasant odors to back up into your kitchen sink area and the rest of your kitchen. That’s when garbage disposal repair will suddenly become your top priority, but that’s not necessarily when you should first start thinking about your garbage disposal.

    Routine Maintenance Can Prevent or Slow Down Future Problems

    The fact of the matter is that you may be able to prevent a lot of garbage disposal problems by simply having routine maintenance done on your garbage disposal. You can either learn the basics of garbage disposal maintenance yourself or hire an experienced plumber to periodically make sure your garbage disposal is in proper working order. However, the maintenance process is usually simple and just involves keeping your garbage disposal clean.

    Of course, garbage disposals are mechanical devices. Some of them can be quite complicated, and all of them have moving parts. Anything mechanical with moving parts is likely to malfunction eventually. The only question is when will it happen? Well, there is no definite answer to that question, but routine maintenance can definitely have a major impact on the life expectancy of your garbage disposal.

    Repairs You Can Do Yourself

    If your faucet is leaking or otherwise clearly damaged, it might be time to get it replaced. However, if the problem is one where you aren’t getting enough water pressure when the water comes out of your faucet, replacing the faucet itself may not help you. That’s because water pressure problems usually come from clogged or damaged pipes, not from the faucets themselves.

    Garbage Disposals Can Be Reset

    If you think that your garbage disposal is just clogged up a bit, you may be able to do that repair yourself. However, you have to be very careful to disconnect the power to the garbage disposal unit before you begin. Shut off the breaker and then it will be safe to check your disposal for clogs.

    The process of checking a garbage disposal for a clog is an easy one. Just take a flashlight and shine it down into the disposal unit. You should be able to see any blockages, such as a piece of silverware that may have accidentally fallen in. Simply extract the offending item and your garbage disposal might be as good as new.

    Another thing you can do to fix a broken garbage disposal, assuming you have already checked for a clog, is to just reset the garbage disposal. First, make sure that it is plugged in and has power. Next, just hit the reset button. It’s possible that the machine only needed to be reset, much like rebooting a computer.

    When to Call in the Professionals

    You can really call in professionals to check out a garbage disposal problem at any time. If you don’t consider yourself to be a handy person, you might not even want to attempt the quick fixes mentioned above on your own. That’s perfectly fine. Our experienced team here at Morningside Plumbing would be happy to come figure out what is wrong with your garbage disposal unit and fix it for you.

    Of course, if you feel comfortable, there’s no reason not to try those simple solutions on your own. But, if they fail, you should definitely call us. That could mean that your garbage disposal has a more serious, technical problem that needs to be handled by a professional plumber. Our team handles garbage disposal repairs for Atlanta area customers all the time. So, we’ll quickly have your disposal back up and running.

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    If you’re interested in more information about our garbage disposal repair services, please give us a call. We can be reached at (404) 984 2080. We will be happy to give you a repair estimate.

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