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    American Standard Champion Pro Line Toilets

    Champion Pro toilets are definitely designed with comfort in mind. Choose from either round or elongated seats for maximum comfort. Right Height models are built to be tall enough to sit and stand more easily as well. At 16 1/2” rim height, they are perfect for the elderly or anyone with knee or other mobility issues that make it difficult to sit or stand up from lower toilets.

    In addition to their ease of use, the entire Champion Pro line is also designed for water conservation, with most models using only 1.28 gallons of water each time you flush them. Some toilets use more than 3 gallons per flush. So, it’s easy to see how that can quickly add up to a lot of gallons saved annually.

    Each of the Champion Pro toilets is made from vitreous china and features the American Standard EverClean® Surface. So, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your toilet as often as you otherwise might.

    The 4” flush valve and 2 3/8” trapway work together to guarantee a strong flush every single time. So, the risk of clogs is greatly reduced, as is any residue that would otherwise be leftover in the bowl. So, if you’re looking for a model that is easy to use, easy to flush, and easy to clean, you need look no further than the Champion Pro line.

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    American Standard Champion 4 Max Line Toilets

    Bigger is better with the Champion 4 Max toilets. They feature 16 1/2” rim height, so there’s no need to worry if you have trouble sitting on lower seats. The ergonomic design is easy to use and comfortable to sit on. In fact, models come in both round and elongated seat versions. So, you can choose the option that best fits your space and comfort level.

    That’s not the only thing big about the Champion 4 Max line. Each one also offers big water savings. These high efficiency toilets only use 1.28 gallons per flush. Yet, they offer one of the most powerful and reliable flush systems in the industry.

    It’s all thanks to the combination of their powerful siphonic trapways and flush valves, both of which are the biggest available in the industry today. Together, they work to make sure that your bathroom experience will be clog-free every time.

    The Champion 4 Max toilets also offer the combination of an EverClean® surface and PowerWash rim. During flushing, the water around the rim will wash most debris away quickly and easily because of the special surface and powerful flushing action. That means less frequent toilet cleaning for you and your family.

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    American Standard Champion 4 Line Toilets

    The American Standard Champion 4 toilet line consists of elegant toilets that not only look fantastic, but also offer excellent levels of comfort and functionality. They are designed to be a comfortable height for elderly, disabled, and tall people. You can also choose from round or elongated bowls.

    The Champion 4 models come in both 1.6 and 1.28 high-efficiency flush models as well. Both types are more efficient than many older toilets, some of which waste more than 3 gallons each time they are used. Just imagine the water you will be saving on an annual basis.

    These models also feature a 4” flush valve. The standard toilet flush valve size is typically only half that size. Since they also include a 2 3/8” trapway, it’s easy to see why they can eliminate up to 70% more waste per flush than standard toilets. That makes these models almost impossible to clog.

    Cleaning is also simple when you have a Champion 4. Each toilet in the Champion 4 line has an EverClean® surface, which is antimicrobial. That, along with the toilet’s powerful flush will keep you from having to clean your toilet yourself for a long time. So, both brushing and plunging will practically be things of the past.

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    American Standard Esteem VorMax Right Height Elongated 1.28gpf Toilet

    The American Standard Esteem VorMax model toilet really lives up to its name in that it sets a true standard. That standard is one of cleanliness from top to bottom. That cleanliness starts with the EverClean® surface. It is so smooth that most solid debris slides right down it into the water.

    Of course, the VorMax also features a revolutionary CleanCurve rim design. Many standard toilets have rim holes, which leave gaps in the water flow. That leads to streaks and caked on residue. That won’t happen with this model, thanks to its unique rim.

    Those features combined with the elongated bowl and powerful flushing action make this one of the cleanest toilets on the market. So, if you aren’t a fan of plunging, scrubbing, and brushing, you’ll be impressed by this model. It will certainly cut your cleaning time down by a huge amount.

    In addition to its clean design, it will also add a bit of décor to any bathroom. Its beautiful design will help your entire bathroom to look brighter and more inviting. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a safer, easier experience, thanks to the added height that it offers over standard low toilets. Its extra height is sure to make any elderly, disabled, or tall friends and relatives more comfortable when they have to use the facilities.

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