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  • Sewer Cleaning

    Get the facts about sewer cleaning and why it is important for your property.

    Sewer cleaning is likely not on the top of your to-do list. Though they can be easy to forget about, sewers are one of the most important systems in any building. However, as with any other system, you need to maintain sewers to keep them functioning optimally. When you clean your sewer, it has a reduced risk of getting backed up. It’s also less likely to cause exterior flooding, which is something every homeowner wants to avoid. Sewer cleanings will also clear up existing clogs and sewer-related issues.

    What Causes the Need for Sewer Cleaning?

    Over time, your sewer can become blocked and damaged. Pipes may develop recurring blockages — or tree roots may infiltrate them. If the land around your home settles, your pipes may start to sag or bow, collecting further debris. Your sewer pipes may even be collecting grease. As time passes, grease will turn solid and can create recurring blocked pipes.

    A regular cleaning is the best way to remove blockages that are forming. By removing these blockages, you can avoid costly issues such as water backing up into your home. During a sewer cleaning, a technician can inspect sewer pipes for issues requiring repair. It’s important to schedule a repair appointment with a professional before you end up with more expensive problems, such as a flooding front yard.

    You may be surprised to learn that a sewer cleaning is a relatively fast process. A technician may use different methods, whether clearing it manually with an auger or by flushing out the system with water. When you hire a plumbing expert, you won’t have to worry about the cleaning tools and processes damaging your existing sewers.

    Understanding the Facts about the Sewer Cleaning Process

    Here’s a quick breakdown of the typical process for a sewer cleanout:

    • It begins with a visual inspection of the sewer pipes; a professional uses a camera to determine whether roots have infiltrated the pipes, or whether there may be severe blockages in the line.
    • Once the technician completes the inspection, he or she will use a special tool like a mechanical auger to remove tree roots and other obstructions. The technician will need to remove the roots separately, or the problem will occur again.
    • The technician may choose to hydro-jet the pipes if the blockage is severe. Hydro-jetting forces water down the pipes at a very high pressure, pushing everything out and into the main sewer system.
    How Often Should You Clean Sewer Lines?

    Most homeowners should schedule a professional sewer line cleaning every two years. However, it also depends on the sewer’s age and whether it has any existing problems. If you have an older sewer system, you may need to schedule a cleaning every 18 months instead.

    Further, if you’re already experiencing issues with your sewer system, you may need a cleaning immediately.

    What Are Signs You Need a Sewer Cleanout?
    • You hear a persistent gurgling coming from your pipes. This often means that water and air are backing up into your pipes and that a clog is likely to be imminent.
    • You see the signs of flooding around your home. You may see fast-growing grass in specific areas of your property, or signs of moisture in your basement or around the base of your walls.
    • Your drains start running slowly. This is a certain sign that there is a clog somewhere in your lines. If you keep getting recurring drainage problems, the clog may be quite a distance down those lines.
    • You experience a backup. Once water is backing up into your home, the situation has become dire. This means you need immediate help to avoid major damage to your home.

    A regular sewer cleaning is part of regular maintenance. As long as you keep your sewers clean, you can avoid more expensive damage later on — as well as having to deal with a plumbing emergency.

    Is it about time for your next sewer cleaning? Are you concerned you could be experiencing issues with your sewer? Get in touch with the trusted plumbing experts at Morningside Plumbing to schedule a sewer cleaning today.

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