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  • Why Do Homeowners Love Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

    In Atlanta, trenchless sewer line repair is the plumbing service homeowners love. Why?

    They love it because it keeps their lawn and their sanity intact. When we think of hiring a plumbing company to repair a sewer line, we picture a muddy pit where pristine grass once was. The thought of it is overwhelming. 

    The good news is, you no longer need to destroy your landscaping to repair a sewer line. There is a cleaner alternative. Here, Morningside Plumbing compares the Atlanta trenchless sewer line repair and traditional digging options. 

    Traditional Trenching Is Not Pretty

    First, consider the traditional method. Traditional sewer line repair involves digging up the old sewer line, removing it, and installing a new replacement line. But, the removal process gets complicated when everything above the old sewer line includes more than just your grass. As if trenching up the lawn you have nurtured year after year is not bad enough, the destruction is not only for landscaping. Removing hardscaping like retaining walls, pavers, patios, decks, driveways, and even portions of your home happens all the time. Let me give you a clear picture of what is involved.

    Overview of the Traditional Trenching Technique

    Locate the pipe: Knowing where it is, how deep, and if there are any utility lines above or near it is critical

    Dig a trench: A plumber will hire someone to operate heavy equipment to dig a trench to access the line. As mentioned above, it can mean digging up a yard, a sidewalk, part of the street, and even some parts of a structure if they impede access to the sewer line.

    Repair or replace the lines: A plumber will repair or replace the sewer lines.

    Cover the lines: They will put the dirt back over your pipes. Repairing or replacing the landscaping is usually your responsibility. The cost of returning your property to its former state can be thousands of dollars.

    Atlanta Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Is Not Destructive

    If all that digging is not what you had in mind, take a look at the more non-invasive method. There is no need to dig up your yard when you choose an Atlanta trenchless sewer line repair option. The two main ways to approach trenchless sewer repair are pipe lining and pipe bursting. 

    #1: Pipe Lining

    First, in pipe lining, the process involves feeding a plastic liner through the existing undisturbed sewer line. Once inside the current underground sewer line, the liner inflates. Now, the old sewer line is like new. Over time, the lining hardens, becoming incredibly strong and durable.

    Some say that there is a drawback to choosing a pipe lining Atlanta trenchless sewer line repair option. They assume that lining a pipe will reduce the diameter of the sewer line and, as a result, decrease flow capacity. Assuming that the functionality of the sewer line will suffer is incorrect.

    What happens is just the opposite. Pipe-lining improves the functionality of the sewer line. You must take into account the condition of the old sewer line interior compared to the new one. Old sewer lines are full of debris, tree roots, and corrosion. By contrast, a lined pipe is incredibly slick. Sewage flows faster through the new smooth pipe than it could through the old ragged one. When you get better sewer functionality and get to keep your yard intact, too, that is a win-win.No wonder pipe-lining is the Atlanta trenchless sewer line repair option that homeowners all over the city love.

    #2: Pipe Bursting

    Now, another Atlanta trenchless sewer line repair option is pipe bursting. In this trenchless repair technique, a bursting tool goes into the existing pipe. It moves through the existing pipe, breaking it apart from the inside out. As the old sewer line falls away, we pull the new pipe into the underground void immediately. Noteworthy is that pipe bursting will increase the functionality of your sewer lines on two levels. First, pipe bursting allows the replacement pipe to be a larger size than the existing line. Second, the slickness of the new pipe speeds the sewage flow rate. For these reasons, you can be sure trenchless repair options will increase the functionality of your sewer. 

    More Reasons to Love Atlanta Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

    Unlike your existing pipe in need of repair, these new pipes are impervious to corrosion, rusting, and tree root invasions. We can name nine more reasons you will want to go trenchless if you are not convinced. 

    Trust the Trenchless Experts

    No one wants to deal with sewer issues, but you can call Morningside Plumbing when you have a problem. Our professional plumbers will assess your situation at no charge. We will tell you whether your line requires a repair or a replacement. In Atlanta, trenchless sewer line repair from Morningside Plumbing will save your lawn and your sanity.

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