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  • Water Heater Replacement Does Not Have To Be An Emergency Anymore

    Water heater replacement in Atlanta is unplanned most of the time. The reason being, homeowners replace water heaters when they fail. 

    In fact, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economywater heater installations take place during an emergency upwards of 90 percent of the time. The death of the old unit with or without a farewell flood prompts hiring a plumber. Out with the old. In with the new, as far as water heaters go, is quick. Typically, the water heater failure and installation occur on the same day, even within hours. The sequence of events is more like a water heater exchange.

    Certainly, Homeowners do not want to go without hot water for long. When a water heater fails, it is a plumbing emergency. Morningside Plumbing has over five decades of experience with water heater replacement in Atlanta. You can rely on their expertise when you face a water heater emergency.  You can be like most homeowners and wait for your old unit to die. Morningside plumbing will be happy to help you when your water heater leaks everywhere, leaving you with no hot water. But, why wait for the stress and inconvenience of a plumbing emergency when you do not have to do it that way?

    To plan a water heater replacement in Atlanta, your current water heater will help set the date. You need to figure out how long it has left. Generally, conventional storage-tank water heaters last from eight to twelve years. Tankless water heaters will serve you fifteen years or more. Several factors influence a water heaters’ lifespan.

    Use the information here to estimate how long your old water heater has to live.

    When it comes to water heaters, especially the storage-tank variety, higher quality units last longer. Top-end tank water heaters, engineered to resist mineral buildup, sport high wattage heating elements, high-quality insulation, and bigger anodes that fight corrosion. Water heater manufacturers know the build quality of their products and warranty them accordingly. For this reason, superiorly manufactured units come with the most extended warranties.

    The longest-lasting tank water heaters are professionally installed with proper ventilation and sit in a convenient maintenance-friendly place. DIY tank water heater installations commonly do not have adequate ventilation, and this shortens their lifespan. For tankless water heaters, installation is more complicated, and generally, professionally installed units last longer than DIY jobs. 

    Whether you have a five-plus member household or love to take extra long showers, the volume of water a water heater heats impacts lifespan. Specifically, raising the temperature of massive quantities of water will shorten its life. Plus, the more water running through a water heater, the more corrosive damage will occur to its components.

    In places where the water has elevated mineral levels, water heaters will have shorter lives. What happens with harder water is that the detrimental mineral buildup accumulates quicker in larger quantities, destroying its energy efficiency. 

    Poorly maintained water heaters die sooner. On the other hand, taking care of a water heater will extend its lifespan. Both storage-tank and tankless water heaters do experience a mineral buildup problem in hard water locations. The way to counteract the buildup inside the tank is to flush and drain tanks annually for older models. Tankless models come with recommendations to flush and remove buildup from the heat exchanger once a year. Newer top of the line water heaters now come fitted with a self-flushing function. 

    Take Control Of The Situation

    To summarize, you never know when your hot water heater will stop working. But, you know you will be stuck with no hot water when it does. Why continue to sit and wait for your old unit to die unexpectedly? Stop stressing about the inevitable. You can take control of the situation.  There is comfort in knowing precisely when your water heater replacement installation will happen. Be proactive when it comes to water heater replacement in Atlanta. Plan your next water heater installation before your current water heater breaks down. 

    Morningside Plumbing For Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta

    Morningside Plumbing would love to help you avoid the stress and anxiety that accompanies a water heater plumbing nightmare. Contact Morningside Plumbing today. Morningside Plumbing professionals want to talk to you. Get the expert advice you need to select the best new water heater for your household. Rely on the top family-owned and operated plumbing company that has served Atlanta for over 50 years. Get a storage-tank water heater or a tankless model installed at a time that works for you. Call Morningside Plumbing today to schedule a free estimate at (404) 984 2092 or contact us online.