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  • Electric Water Heater Decatur | Top Hot Water Heater Replacement Guide

    The electric water heater Decatur residents have may or may not be right for your family. And that is why we are here to help you. We know that facing water heater replacement can seem daunting. It is a significant purchase for your home financially and otherwise. A new water heater must meet your household’s needs and must be perfectly installed.

    It is also vital to consider other factors. Will a new heater will use less energy than your current model? Is a tank or tankless what you need? So, aside from researching size and brands, what other information should you know?

    Decatur Tankless Water Heaters and More

    If you are looking for a new water heater, start thinking about the kind of water heater right for your home. Your decision should consider your current energy source, lifestyle, and energy conservation concerns. We offer a variety of water heating units to fit your needs.

    Storage tank electric water heaters are the most common type of water heater. A storage-tank water heater has a massive, insulated tank that stores hot water. The hot water flows out of a pipe on top of the water heater when you need it. Electric water heaters should also have a temperature and pressure-relief valve, opening if it exceeds a preset level. Electric storage tank water heaters range from fifteen to 120 gallons, depending on your needs.

    Water heater tanks traditionally come with a 6 to 12-year leakage warranty from the manufacturer. Warranties vary with the make and model of the unit. A leakage warranty protects the homeowner against specific malfunctions during the warranty period.

    Hot Water Heater Replacement Guide

    Almost any home with running electricity will choose an electric water heater. However, homes with natural gas connections typically use gas water heaters.

    Want to learn more? We have put together a Water Heater Guide to help you choose the best unit for your home. Our guide can help you select a water heater that fits your budget and supplies the hot water you need.

    If you want to read more about water heater repair and replacement, visit our Decatur Water Heater Replacement Guide.

    Choose Us For Your New Water Heater Installation and Water Heater Repair Services in Decatur, GA

    Our service technicians are also available to troubleshoot any issues with your existing water heating unit. In addition, our team of licensed plumbers is available for water heater repair 24/7.

    We often need to repair or replace parts that fail through regular use. Our plumbers work on any gas or electric water heater brand of any age. We are committed to ensuring you are happy with your water heater – even if you did not buy it from us.

    If you need a plumber to install a water heater. Look no further. We are a phone call away, anytime, day or night. Give us a call, and a plumber will come ready to get the job done. Contact us to find out what it will take to replace and install your water heater.

    We stand for quality, reliability, and convenience. We supply plumbing services like sewer repair, water line replacement, toilet repair, leak repair, drain cleaning, and more.. So, schedule a repair or installation with us for high-quality service—guaranteed. We offer affordable tankless and tank water heater installation and repair services.

    Electric Water Heater Installation


    Trust professional water heater installation experts to replace your electric water heater. Please request a free estimate. You can rely on us to take care of all aspects of your electric water heater installation, leaving you worry-free. Rest assured that we complete all work the right way. When you call Morningside Plumbing for your water heater installation, you can expect:

    Same-day installation – when available

    Fast, friendly plumbing service – always

    Expert water heater installation – every time

    What Size Electric Water Heater Tank Do You Need?

    When you need to figure out what size water heater tank you need to consider how much hot water your household uses each day. We consider regular hot water usage to be a household with a clothes washer and dishwasher. And a home with high hot water usage as one with multiple washers, long shower takers, garden tubs, whirlpool spas, and oversized baths.

    Also, the number of people in your household factors into sizing a storage-tank water heater replacement. Yet another factor is whether you choose a gas hot water heater or an electric hot water heater. Electric tank units and gas units heat water well, but to meet the same hot water demand, size electric models are larger than gas water heaters.

    For up to two people with regular hot water demands a 30-gallon gas water heater tank or 40-gallon electric model will work. However, for two with high hot water using a 40-gallon gas water heater tank or 50-gallon electric water heater is best.

    Households with three to four people should install 40-gallon gas hot water heaters or 50 to 65-gallon electric water heaters to meet regular demand. Families of three or four with high hot water demand need 50 to 75-gallon gas or 80-gallon electric heaters.

    Five or more living together with regular hot water demand will need a 50 to 75-gallon gas tank water heater or an 80-gallon electric water heater tank. For five-plus people with high hot water usage, a 75-gallon gas heater or 120-gallon electric model will work.

    Contact Us For Decatur Tankless Water Heater Services

    We install tankless water heaters and storage tank water heaters. Our water heater installation and water heater replacement services are everything you need. That includes having a plumber help you choose the type of water heater that suits your home and needs.

    So, contact Morningside Plumbing for all your tankless water heater, commercial water heater, and water heater repair needs in Decatur, GA, Avondale Estates, GA, Atlanta, GA, Midtown Atlanta, Druid Hills, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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