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  • Druid Hills Plumber Reveals Top 7 DIY Kitchen Plumbing Tips

    Druid Hills Plumber Shares Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance Tips

    Druid Hills plumber, Morningside Plumbing, wants to wish you a happy spring. With spring comes thoughts of spring cleaning. That’s why now is a good time to think about plumbing system maintenance and such. You are in the right place to get the plumbing maintenance tips you need from the top Druid Hills plumbers. Get ready to learn how to keep your plumbing working well all year long. From Morningside to Lenox Park and Virginia-Highland to Poncey-Highland, all Druid Hills area residents trust Morningside Plumbing.

    Plumbing Maintenance Tips Room By Room

    Plumbing inspection checks and basic maintenance are things most homeowners can do themselves. The thought of plumbing DIY may scare the daylights out of you. As the best Druid Hills plumber, we know plumbing looks complicated and intimidates many of you. But do not worry. These top plumbing maintenance tips are safe and will be easy to follow. Let’s start by taking your plumbing system room by room, starting in the kitchen.


    Top 7 DIY Kitchen Plumbing Check Tips

    1. Keep Kitchen Drain Clog-Free

    When a kitchen sink gets lots of use, it can lead to plumbing issues. Kitchen sink drains can drain slowly, eventually clogging completely. No matter whether your kitchen drain is suffering a clog or not, cleaning it is helpful. A clean, debris-free drain is ideal. Skip the harsh store-bought drain cleaners. Pouring caustic cleaners down the drain is a mistake and does certain harm to your plumbing system. Call us to schedule professional drain cleaning services.

    Use this all-natural mild homemade drain cleaning method to clean the drain and maintain general plumbing in Druid Hills homes.

    2. Prevent Kitchen Sink Clogs

    Use a kitchen sink drain strainer to block hair, soap, food scraps, and debris. This is an easy way to prevent drain clogs.

    3. Find Kitchen Water Line Leaks

    Check for signs of a plumbing leak under your kitchen sink. Water stains, wetness, mold, and mildew under the kitchen sink indicate you may need a Druid Hills plumber for faucet repair service or leak repair service.

    4. Check Shutoff Valves to Prevent Flooding in Druid Hills

    There is an individual shutoff valve for the water supply to the kitchen faucet. Dishwashers, refrigerators, and other water-using kitchen appliances with water lines will also have shutoff valves. Visually inspect each valve. Tighten the valves down to shut off water flow. If water continues to flow through a tightened down valve, you have a faulty valve. Morningside Plumbing, your friendly Druid Hills plumber, will be happy to replace shutoff valves for you.

    5. Replace Appliance Water Lines Every 4 Years

    Check water lines frequently and replace them every four years. Most Druid Hills homes have water lines connecting to an icemaker, dishwasher, and clothes washer. Replace water lines with any sign of deterioration, crimping, or leaking immediately.

    6. Replace Water Filters

    Water dispensing refrigerators and those units with built-in icemakers have replaceable filters typically. Failing to replace old filters can lead to blockages leading to leaks.

    7. Clean Druid Hills Garbage Disposals

    Clean garbage disposals run better and stink less. We are ready to help you with a garbage disposal repair. But you can rid your kitchen of the foul smell of rotting food caked up inside your disposal the easy way. Try this all-natural garbage disposal cleaning technique for a clean-smelling kitchen.

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