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  • What Can Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta Do to Your Household Budget?

    Water Heater Replacement Atlanta

    Do you need a water heater replacement in Atlanta? First, if you must ask, chances are good a new water heater is in your future. Second, and more importantly, it is time to do some budgeting. If you are like most, your first question about water heater replacement in Atlanta (or anything else) is what it means for your budget. Fair enough: Let us talk business.

    Before you can do so effectively, of course, you are going to need more information. Just like any other repair in Midtown and around Atlanta, getting a new water heater is going to cost you some dough. Buying a new system can range significantly, depending on brand and features. Still, it will represent a considerable expenditure either way.

    Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta That might initially motivate you to seek repairs instead, so your first step is to determine whether you need a repair or a replacement. From there, let us look at the pros and cons of replacement, after which we will weigh the two to see how your household budget feels about that new heater.

    Certainly, it is important to consider the cost and long-term benefits of installing a new water heater. So, grab a coffee, take a deep breath, and get ready to think about water heater replacement in Atlanta. Let us dive in.

    Is It Time to Replace That Hot Water Heater?

    What are those signs, you ask? Here are some of the most obvious:

    Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta If any of the above signs resonate with you, it is time to admit defeat and get yourself a new water heater. On the other hand, if you are not quite sure, let us consider some pros and cons before turning to the budget.

    Water Heater Replacement: The Cons

    Replacing your water heater will make a significant dent in your budget. A traditional water heater will run you around $1,000 on average, whereas a tankless gas water heater is $3,000. Either way, it is expensive. Suppose you must do any rewiring or other home updates. In that case, you will pay additional hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That is the bad news.

    Atlanta Water Heater Replacement: The Pros

    The good news is that a new water heater is bound to use less energy. Considering that water heating accounts for about 18% of your home’s energy use, it seriously pays to increase efficiency. After all, if that water heater is running at half efficiency – which many outdated heaters are – you will waste hundreds of dollars a year.

    Other Benefits Include:

    The Takeaway: Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta Is a Budgetary Win

    Still unsure about what this means for your budget. Let us do the math. The average monthly electric bill in Atlanta is $160, which translates to $1320 per year. Heating water is 18% of your home energy bill, which means it accounts for about $237 per year. If you have an energy-efficient heater, you will get that $237/year rate. However, suppose you have an out-of-date or inefficient electric water heater. In that case, you may lose half your energy efficiency, pushing that yearly expense to around $475.

    Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta

    Real Energy Savings

    Here is where we start to see a real gap between traditional storage-tank and tankless water heaters. Let us assume a tankless water heater costs $2,000 more than a traditional tank unit. That is $3,000 for a high-end tankless water heater without wiring or a lower-cost one with some home updates required, minus the $1,000 cost of a traditional tank water heater. At a $237 difference per year in energy savings, you can make up that $2,000 in less than ten years. That is when you would need to buy another traditional storage-tank water heater. After all, tankless water heaters have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, and up can substantially reduce the chances you will have to deal with a water heater replacement for decades.

    Hot Water for Days or Decades

    However, get an energy-efficient tankless water heater, and you will have a good water heater for the next 20 to 40 years at no extra cost. So even if it takes you a full ten years to recoup the cost from the more expensive option, you now get a free ride for the next decade – and you save the Earth’s resources at the same time. Before you go on a vacation, set your gas water heater to vacation. For an electric water heater, turn the breaker off to save electricity by not heating the water you are not using. When you combine that with the benefits from above, the choice is obvious.

    Where Should You Go for a New Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta?

    If you are considering a plumbing system improvement in your home, consider the cost to hire a professional versus doing it yourself. After thinking about how much it will cost, you must figure out what materials to use. It will take much time to determine what to do. Also, consider the time and skills required to map out your plumbing system. Most people find it cheaper and less frustrating to hire a professional plumber.

    Are You Ready for a Water Heater Replacement in Atlanta?

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