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  • 6 HVAC Spring Tune-Up Tips That Cool

    Midtown Atlanta HVAC Tips For Cool AC

    Midtown Atlanta HVAC professionals at Morningside Plumbing are here to help you. When the spring season arrives, you may want to open windows to let the fresh air in and start your deep spring cleaning. But what about your HVAC? Spring is the perfect time to tune up your home heating and cooling system. While you may not need to run the air conditioning just yet, performing tune-up tasks now is essential. A little prep work will ensure your AC is ready to go on the first day you need it. To help you get ready for the sweltering summer season, here are six spring tune-up tips from the Midtown Atlanta HVAC experts.

    #1: Replace The Air Filter


    A fresh air filter in your HVAC will ensure that the moment you turn on your system, you will not be blowing old dirt and dust throughout your home. In addition to improving the indoor air quality, changing your air filter regularly also reduces energy usage in the home and extends the lifespan of your system. A dirty air filter can mean the Midtown Atlanta HVAC must work harder than necessary. This quick and simple tip can help you maximize your Midtown Atlanta HVAC performance and investment.

    #2: Clean And Inspect The Ductwork

    Even if your Midtown Atlanta HVAC equipment seems to run okay, blockages, debris buildup, holes, cracks, and loose connections in the ductwork can lead to problems. Blockages can restrict airflow, while air leaks can significantly decrease energy efficiency. A proper air duct inspection and cleaning will reduce unnecessary strain on your system and ensure your indoor air quality is safe and healthy. Scheduling service before you will need to use the a/c will prevent unwanted surprises on the first day you need to cool off the home.

    #3: Close Doors And Windows

    Wait, what about opening the windows to let the fresh air inside? That may seem like a clever idea, but if you or someone in your household suffers from seasonal allergies or asthma, you are letting the pollen inside along with the cool breeze. To minimize the dust and allergens in your indoor air and minimize stress to your HVAC, you will want to close doors and windows.

    #4: Remove Obstructions From The Outdoor Midtown Atlanta HVAC Equipment

    You may think spring tune-ups are for the Midtown Atlanta HVAC equipment inside the house but do not forget to inspect the outdoor equipment. It is common for leaves, branches, vegetation, and other obstructions to fall around the outdoor unit while you are not using it. Take five minutes to walk outside and remove anything within two feet of the unit. Doing this will ensure the air conditioner can pull in the necessary air to keep your home cool once you turn it on.

    #5: Perform A Test Run Of The AC

    No need to wait until it is stifling hot and humid outside to ensure your home’s air conditioning system is ready to go. Go ahead and turn on your AC and let it run for a while. Check the vents and air temperature to ensure you are getting proper airflow and circulation. If you notice it is not working as it should, now is the time to call for Midtown Atlanta HVAC repair.

    #6: Schedule Professional Midtown Atlanta HVAC Maintenance

    The most crucial HVAC tip is to schedule air conditioning system maintenance service with a dependable Midtown Atlanta HVAC company. They will be able to perform the tasks we have discussed and more. But how can you find a professional team you can trust?

    The Midtown Atlanta HVAC technicians at Morningside Plumbing have your back. Our expert maintenance services will cover all the spring tune-ups your air conditioning system needs. We catch potential problems early to keep your home cool all summer long, increasing system efficiency and saving you money. Connect with us online now to schedule your Spring Midtown Atlanta HVAC maintenance service or for more tune-up tips from the pros.