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  • Is a Total Home Re-Pipe in Your Future? What Experts in Residential Plumbing in Atlanta Can Tell You

    Signs your home needs re-piping and help with residential plumbing in Atlanta Residential Plumbing in Atlanta Is your home in need of residential plumbing in Atlanta? If your search led you to our page, chances are good something has given you cause for concern. And here at Morningside Plumbing, we have been providing excellent service to our Midtown neighbors for decades. We are familiar with the houses in the area, which means we know a lot of them are on the older side. Historic. Vintage. Beautiful. And while they are certainly full of character, we know they can also be full of plumbing challenges and drainage problems. Sound familiar? If so, it may be time to consider a total home re-pipe.

    What Is Total Home Re-Pipe?

    Well, a total home re-pipe is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. First, the old, damaged, leaking, or otherwise challenged pipes are taken out. Upon removal, we go back in and replace them with brand new, top of line pipes and plumbing. Drastic? A little. We do have to gain access to floors, walls, and ceilings. But in certain situations, re-piping is a much better alternative than multiple patchworks, dealing with consistently low water pressure, or living with potentially hazardous plumbing.

    What Are the Signs My Home May Need to Be Re-Piped?

    Probably the first, and most common, way you’ll know your house may need a total re-pipe is you have all the local plumbers on speed dial. Have you been having a host of plumbing issues lately? Do they seem to be repetitive? Or maybe it seems like every room in your home has suffered a plumbing problem at one time or another? If any of this sounds like what you have been facing with your home, you might need a brand new pipe system installed in your home ASAP.

    Well, We Are Not Experiencing Those Particular Signs; Are There Others?

    Yes, there are a few other signs your home may need to have its pipes completely replaced. One tell-tale way is to check for corrosion on exposed areas of pipes around your house. The easiest point to check is usually where your plumbing enters or exits the house, on the outside. If the pipes you can see look old, damaged and corroded, then there is a good chance the pipes tucked behind your walls and floors look even worse. Also, if you consistently have issues with low water pressure, this is another harbinger of pipe trouble. Your water pressure drops when your pipes become blocked, or begin springing leaks in places you can’t easily see. Water pressure challenges are a super common problem in historic Atlanta houses. However, the worst part about these problems is they are likely to go unnoticed for a while. Or even when you do notice, it seems like just another quirk of the house. You may delay fixing it, which can lead to greater damage in the long run. A third issue you should consider is some older pipe systems are just not safe. For example, old lead pipes cause lead poisoning over time. Worse, you may not even be aware your newer plumbing is hooked into older lead behind the walls. If you think there is even a small chance your home had lead pipes, and the previous homeowner was unable to confirm they remedied the situation, you should get all of your pipes checked. And if they find lead? Your home should be completely re-piped. Aside from lead, many homes built between 1970 and 1990 utilized polybutylene pipes for plumbing. While not harmful to your health, these pipes have a tendency to break easily. The problem with them is you never know if or when a pipe might burst. Will you be at home? What if you’re away on vacation? The risk of collateral damage to your house is high, so if you know your pipes are made from polybutylene, it’s better to replace them all now. If you wait too long, chances are good you will end up with a major plumbing emergency.

    Ok, I’m convinced. Who Should I Call to Inspect Our House?

    Our certified plumbing pros are at the ready, standing by to help you with your next emergency. If you live in Midtown, we can inspect your home, top to bottom, and make a recommendation regarding the necessity of re-piping. If you’re in need of residential plumbing in Atlanta, don’t wait; click this link or call us today at 404-873-1881.