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  • What Are the Most Common Reasons for Sewer Line Repairs in Atlanta?

    Learn the signs, symptoms, and causes of sewer line repairs in Atlanta.

    Sewer Line Repairs in Atlanta If you’re reading up on sewer line repairs in Atlanta, chances are good you’ve already got a reason. Something at your home isn’t quite right, and you suspect the sewer line might be to blame. Perhaps you’re seeing a greener-than-ever-before patch of lawn. Or you’ve lost a boot in the sea of murky muck that mysteriously appeared in your yard overnight. Whatever the reason, you’re wondering what’s going on, what the cause might be, and your search led you here.

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    Signs Your Sewer Line May Require Repairs

    We thought it might help you to have a list of the classic signs your sewer line is in need of repair. We already mentioned two of them above, but here are some more signs you’re in need of plumbing help ASAP:

    Water is backing up into your house.

    This can be more than just seeing waste water back up into your shower or sink. Perhaps when the washing machine drains, your toilets start bubbling. Or the immediate area around the drain in your basement is inexplicably wet. Or you hear weird gurgling noises in your pipes. These are all less-obvious signs of water backup problems.

    Your drains are struggling to…well…drain.

    Slow flowing drains are another sign your sewer line may need repairs. If you’ve tried snaking the system, or using commercial drain cleaners, and you are still experiencing a low rate of water removal, the problem may be with the main line. Get it checked out.

    There’s a foul odor emanating from somewhere unidentifiable.

    Sure, Junior may have hidden a tuna sandwich away and long ago forgotten about it. But once you’ve ruled that out, there’s a good chance the odor is an indication of sewer line problems. There’s a high likelihood the sewage from your house isn’t reaching the sewer or septic system, causing it stink up your home. It’s gross, and it’s dangerous, so get help immediately.

    Common Causes for Sewer Line Repair around Atlanta

    There are a few reasons you may be experiencing some of the above signs and symptoms. Here are the ones we see most commonly in and around the greater Atlanta area:

    The pipes are ancient.

    We are blessed to live in a beautiful and historic city, replete with turn of the century architecture, and the wonderful patina that comes with age. However, one of the downsides that comes along with such history is it has aged plumbing to match. The average lifespan of a sewer line is somewhere between 40 and 60 years, depending on the materials; it’s not uncommon for these older pipes to give out after decades of hard use.

    The stately and majestic trees in your yard come with an invading root system.

    Even if the tree isn’t on your property, the deep and wide-ranging root system from a neighbor could have worked its way into your sewer pipes. These roots cause numerous problems, from slow drainage to back-ups, and can be especially complicated to fix if the tree is a species that’s protected by state or local ordinances. If the tree cannot be removed, you may face the same problems again. Ask a quality plumber about all your options.

    Much like a teenager’s bedroom, your sewer pipes are seldom cleaned (if ever).

    Over time, it’s natural for sediment and gunk to build up in your line. No matter how careful you are, time and nature are going to take their toll. Opting to have the lines inspected and cleaned out occasionally can prevent blockages before they happen, and save you the hassle of needing a full repair later on.

    There was a (separate) water or utility problem nearby.

    When road work is underway, or pipes are under repair, the resulting shut down of the water flow forces a redistribution throughout the system. Much like placing your finger over a gushing garden hose, the water pressure coursing through the system is increased, causing strain. Any weak points are likely to give way under the pressure, which can lead to big problems for you. (Note: This isn’t applicable to septic users, but those of you on sewer systems, take heed).

    Get a Sewer Line Inspection from a Local Pro

    Here at Morningside Plumbing, we’ve got experienced plumbing professionals standing by, ready to help you with your next water emergency. If you think you’re in need of sewer line repairs in Atlanta, don’t wait; click or call us today at 404-873-1881.