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  • I Need Atlanta Garbage Disposal Service for Garbage Disposal Repair

    Hiring an Atlanta Garbage Disposal Service now could save you money and headaches down the road.

    Atlanta plumber service You might be thinking to yourself, “Why would I hire a local Atlanta Garbage Disposal Service to install my new garbage disposal? Isn’t it pretty easy?” Sure, the long list of do-it-yourself blogs makes it sound like a piece of cake, but do you know what is involved? So here are some things to consider before you attempt:

    Did You Install a Brand New Under-Mount Sink?

    One of the main reasons people want to install garbage disposals is because they recently installed a new under-mount sink. Now, if you had an under-mount sink previously, and the dimensions are the same, you might be in luck. On the other hand, suppose a professional plumber handled the installation the first time. In that case, you may be able to do the install on your own and copy the pipe configuration laid out by the original plumber.

    However, going the DIY route is a terrible idea if you went from a drop-in to an under-mount. Here’s why: Your garbage disposal drain is likely lower than your waste line.

    That is the most common issue we see after installing a new under-mount sink. The waste line plumbing is for the old sink and may sit three to four inches higher than the new one. It worked perfectly well….until your new installation pushed the garbage disposal drain down another few inches. For your new disposal to work, the waste line must be lower. If you don’t, your sink will be prone to clogs and back-ups, flooding your sink with rotten and decaying food and sewage.

    Depending on the waste drain installation, you may need extensive pipe re-work behind your drywall. However, that is not the time or place to attempt to teach yourself how to be a quality plumber; leaks, pressure issues, and a host of other expensive problems are likely outcomes if you try to do it yourself.

    Do You Have a Large, Well-Stocked Tool Kit, Complete with Plumbing Accessories for Garbage Disposal Service?

    Atlanta plumbing and garbage disposal services take various tools, including special pipe fittings and custom measured/cut pipe lengths. You also need:

    Yes, you can certainly go out and buy all of these at your local hardware store. But be prepared to make multiple trips, take exhaustive photos of the situation under your sink, and search high and low for the one person in the entire store who may have some rudimentary plumbing knowledge. On the other hand, if you have a whole day to waste, then this may be something you will enjoy.

    Do You Have a Sensitive Stomach? Garbage Disposals are Gross.

    None of the DIY blogs seems to talk about this one, but those pipes you are opening up are likely full of decomposing food and debris. Unfortunately, no one has crystal-clean lines, and the moment you open them up, you’re going to get a whiff of whatever you have been pushing through them for the past year or more.

    You should also expect some of it to end up on you. It is almost impossible to remove the old and install the new without slipping, falling, and splattering. For professionals, we deal with it every day. But for the average person, it may not be your particular cup of tea. Decide if you can stomach the effects before you make the final call.

    Ok, You Sold Me. So who Should I Call for Atlanta Garbage Disposal Service?

    Our Atlanta Garbage Disposal service plumbers are standing by, ready, and waiting to help you tackle your new installation. If you live in Atlanta, we can install your shiny new garbage disposal in no time, keeping the mess to an absolute minimum. Sure, you might find several companies who can do the installation, but remember: there’s only one Morningside Plumbing. And we care enough to do our very best.

    Call us today at (404) 984 2090 to schedule your Atlanta Garbage Disposal Service and let the premier Atlanta plumber service get the job done right.