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  • What Would the Mythbusters Guys Say about Sewer Line Repair in Atlanta?

    Opt for a sewer line repair in Atlanta, and avoid the dangers of sewage back ups

    It’s a nightmare every local homeowner hopes to avoid: needing a sewer line repair in Atlanta. The signs may start out small. A spike in your water bill, or decreased water pressure and flow. A foul or musky odor you can’t seem to identify. Pipes repeatedly clogging up inside your house. Or even a spot in your yard with excess moisture, or excessively lush grass and landscaping growth. All of these are the hallmarks of sewer lines in need of repair.

    But is it really dangerous? I mean, how can a greener lawn really be a bad thing?

    The Two Main Concerns with Damaged Sewer Pipes

    There are two main issues associated with damaged sewer pipes: bacterial contamination and sewer gases. Both are dangerous, but in different ways. We’ve broken it down for you below.

    Broken Sewer Pipes = Easy Entry for Dangerous Bacteria and Pathogens

    Exposure to raw sewage isn’t just gross; it is actually quite dangerous. Broken sewer pipes provide an easy entry for raw sewage into your home and yard, transporting a variety of harmful bacteria into the habitable areas. A few of the most common ones include salmonella and E.coli. Plus, there is the possibility of exposure to cholera, Hepatitis A, Giardia, roundworms, pinworms, and tapeworms. All these, and more, fester and grow within raw sewage and sewer lines.

    Symptoms of exposure can vary widely, but if you suspect you have been exposed to raw sewage, be on the lookout for some of the following:

    Seek help from a doctor immediately and call a professional plumber to come take care of the underlying sewer issues.

    Sewer Gases: What They Are and How They Form

    Sewer line gas forms from the combination of industrial and household waste entering into a sewer system and co-mingling. Many different combinations can form, but they generally are a mix of the following:

    Once formed, the gaseous nature allows it slip into homes and businesses through a variety ways: cracked foundations, floor drains, broken plumbing or plumbing ventilation, improper septic tank maintenance, and the list continues. But the symptoms associated with exposure are the real problem. You may find yourself having trouble breathing, experiencing dizziness, nausea, anxiety and nervousness, headaches, and even irritation in your lungs or eyes. Depending on the chemical composition and the amount of time you are exposed, the damage to your health can be long lasting….even permanent.

    If something in your home smells off, and you can’t identify it, call a professional plumber for help immediately.

    Yeah, But Are Sewer Gases Really Combustible (i.e. Will They Explode)?

    You may recall a Mythbusters episode from a few years ago, regarding exploding man-hole covers. The gas they used for testing was methane, a common by-product that exists in sewer lines. However, other gases are equally explosive. The bottom line is when sewer gas is present, and the concentration of it is high enough, it can be ignited. Upon ignition, it can cause fire damage, and even explosions. Do you want something like that to happen in your home? Probably not.

    However, if you are looking for a demonstration, you can go online and view the original Mythbusters episode. Or, better yet, you can just go check them out in person this Sunday, November 15th. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will be performing live at the Fox Theatre, taking their Emmy-nominated show on the road, and bringing mind-blowing science to the residents of Midtown. You don’t want to miss it; rumor has it, this is the last year Jamie will be touring with the show.

    Who Can I Call for Help with My Sewer Lines?

    Morningside has been in business a long time, and our trained professionals have just about seen it all. Whether your pipes need a basic repair or full replacement, we’ll make sure your home is completely sewage-gas free. Your family’s health and well-being isn’t worth the risk, so don’t wait.

    If you suspect you are in need of sewer line repair in Atlanta or Midtown, click this link or all our expert service pros at 404-873-1881 immediately.