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  • The 5 Trickiest Factors in Toilet Installation in Atlanta

    Before you start a toilet installation in Atlanta, keep these tricky factors in mind!

    Some DIYers will attempt to do their own toilet installation in Atlanta, and some are successful at doing so. Others, not so much. They either didn’t plan well enough or paid no attention to the really important, key components of installing a toilet.

    To keep you from making that mistake, we’ve listed 5 tricky factors you may not think about that can derail even the most successful toilet installation.

    Tricky Factor #1 – Measuring

    It may seem like common sense, but when you’re installing a new toilet where an old one used to be, you’ve got to make certain that the new one will fit where the old one was!

    You’ve got to do your measuring before you take out the old toilet. Your measurements should include the length from the rear wall to the middle of a closet bolt. If there are four bolts, use a rear one.
    You’ll also need the measurement of the base on the toilet you plan to install. If it’s shorter than your old toilet, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re trying to do a toilet installation in Atlanta, the last thing you want to discover is that the new toilet doesn’t fit!

    Tricky Factor #2 – Water Waste

    Another tricky factor a lot of people miss is how much water the new toilet will use. You need to consider how much the lasting effect of your toilet installation in Atlanta is going to cost you.
    Flushing the toilet uses the majority of water inside the house and accounts for about a fourth of all water used in the household. If you look for toilets with the EPA’s “WaterSense” label, you can save the planet a lot of water, about 13,000 gallons’ worth. Plus, you’ll save yourself about $130 a year in water bills.

    Tricky Factor #3 – Round or Elongated?

    There was a time when we had no choice about the shape of a toilet seat. Every toilet installation in Atlanta, and everywhere else for that matter, had a round seat on the porcelain throne.

    Not so today, when comfort is king in every aspect of our lives. The general consensus seems to feel that the elongated toilet seat is more comfortable. But if you have small children, they tend to do better on the round style seat.

    The size of the bathroom may come into play as well. The round seat version tends to take up less space, so if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you may want to opt for that one.

    Tricky Factor #4 – The Flusher

    Technically referred to as the flush mechanism, this will be a big part of whether you love or hate your toilet. The goal of the flushing mechanism is to get everything down the pipes with a single flush.
    There are several versions available. You’ll need to consider your family’s use to determine which one is best for you. Your options include the gravity flush, pressurized assisted, which is more powerful and uses air to force the water into the toilet bowl.

    There’s also a dual flush, which allows you to decide if you need a full or partial flush. Then there’s the double cyclone. That one has a lot of power but only uses just over a gallon of water. That can lead to a definite difference in your monthly water bill.

    Tricky Factor #5 – How High?

    As you research toilet installation in Atlanta, you’ll quickly learn there are two heights available for you to choose from. A standard height toilet has a seat about 14 or 15 inches from the floor. The taller version, called chair height, is closer to 18 inches off the floor.

    The makeup of your household will largely determine which height will serve you best. Taller family members and anyone who has problems sitting and standing will no doubt prefer the taller toilet. If everyone is young, average size and reasonably healthy, the standard version will do just fine.

    Of course, you can get the easiest toilet installation in Atlanta by calling Morningside Plumbing and letting them handle all the tricky factors!