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  • Why a Plumber is the Most Important Person to Call for Your Bathroom Remodel in Midtown

    Considering a bathroom remodel in Midtown? Don’t forget to call your plumber first!

    You’ve waited so long for this day to come. Finally, at long last, the day for your long-awaited bathroom remodel in Midtown is here! For months you’ve been looking at new tiles and considering new colors and fixtures. Oh, and this time you want a heated floor! You’re practically delirious at the thought of such luxury!

    So you may be wondering, “Wait…why do I need a plumber for this?”  

    Here’s the biggest problem with most bathroom remodeling projects: It’s easy to see the things that need changing on the surface; old flooring, shower tiles, peeling paint or wallpaper, even old fixtures and lighting.

    What strikes fear into the heart of homeowners is when, in the middle of their beloved project, they hear words like “mold” or “water damaged joists” or “outdated pipes.”

    Sadly, the bathroom is one of the most common places in a home to discover the ‘hidden costs’ of remodeling. The majority of the inner workings of a bathroom are behind the walls, in the cabinets, and beneath the floors. Many times problems don’t get discovered until unearthed by a bathroom remodeling contractor.

    Improve your odds of avoiding unexpected expenses and delays by first calling a reputable plumber to walk through your project with you. Several troublesome areas need investigation by a pro.

    Major Problems Encountered While Remodeling a Bathroom

    Call a Reliable Plumber Before You Begin A Bathroom Remodel in Midtown

    Finding out about hidden problems beforehand allows you to have them fixed before you start redoing your bathroom. Uncovering them in the middle of a project can cause added expense and delay the project by a few days, weeks, or even months.

    Depending on your budget and the age of your house, you may even want to consider ‘gutting’ the whole bathroom and starting from scratch.

    At least that way you know your bathroom remodeling will have a clean slate with no problems. Everything will work properly for many years, and the money you invested in the bathroom remodeling will add a huge amount of value to your home.

    Before you start that bathroom remodel in Midtown project, call Morningside Plumbing to come out and give you a professional overview so you don’t meet with any unpleasant surprises.