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  • Garbage Disposal Replacement in Atlanta? Or One More Repair?

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you just need a repair or if it’s time for garbage disposal replacement.

    Garbage Disposal Replacement It’s unnerving to flip the switch on your garbage disposal and hear a weird noise or smell a bad odor. It reminds you of the time you were sure something died inside there, so you called for garbage disposal replacement or repair in Atlanta, only to find out there was a chunk of meat trapped in the blades.

    That’s why it’s important for you to know the difference between a minor inconvenience you could resolve for yourself and a major issue for which you need to call in the pros. Here are the top five things to look for to decide if garbage disposal repair is enough or if it’s time to replace your garbage disposal in Atlanta.

    Weird Noises

    Some garbage disposals, particularly older models, can be pretty loud, which in most cases is normal operating noise. But if you hear strange sounds emanating from your garbage disposal, it could mean trouble.

    We’ve probably all let a spoon or a fork slip through and wind up in the disposal, and there’s no mistaking that sound. Fortunately, it’s usually an easy fix. Just turn it off, remove the utensil and you’re good to go.

    Other noises, like a shrill screeching, may indicate your garbage disposal is on its last legs and replacement is necessary.

    Weird Smells

    Your garbage disposal may develop a somewhat unpleasant odor, due to the fact it deals with breaking down wet food. Food particles can occasionally get lodged in the grates or blades and as they decompose, it can create a not-so-nice smell wafting up from the unit.

    You can usually eliminate these types of smells with a thorough but gentle cleaning and rinsing. Don’t use harsh chemicals like drain cleaners as they can damage some of the garbage disposal components.

    Smells can become a problem if they’re persistent and you’re unable to get rid of them by cleaning the disposal unit. It may require a call to the plumber for garbage disposal repair in Atlanta if that’s the case.

    Resetting…and Resetting…and Resetting

    The reset button on your garbage disposal unit serves a useful purpose. If you hear a strange noise or there’s a temporary clog, you can press the reset button. It helps the disposal recover from whatever caused the upset.

    But if you find yourself pressing the reset button over and over again, it could mean the disposal is reaching the end of its service life. It could also indicate loose wiring inside the unit, in which case you’ll need to call for garbage disposal repair.

    Water Leaking or Puddles Beneath the Sink

    Nobody wants to see puddles inside their house, but often a water leak in the garbage disposal can easily go unnoticed until it becomes so big it begins to pool in the cabinet.

    If it leaks out into the floor, it may be hard to determine exactly where it’s coming from. A reliable plumber will be able to find the source and make any necessary repairs.

    Performing Poorly or Not at All

    If it seems to be taking longer and longer to run food scraps through the disposal, it could mean the blades are finally giving up. If the wearing down is severe enough, you may need to replace the whole unit.

    When you flip the switch and nothing happens, or if it shuts off by itself mid-cycle, it often indicates a failing motor. Keep in mind most garbage disposals have a lifespan of about ten years. After that point, you can expect to see an increase in performance issues.

    When a garbage disposal is functioning properly, it can be a big help in your kitchen clean-up efforts. But if there are problems, it can have a negative impact on the cleanliness of your kitchen and how you wash up from meals.

    If you notice any of these signs and symptoms, don’t ignore them and hope they’ll just go away. They won’t. Give us a call at Morningside Plumbing (678-726-1408) and let us see if you need garbage disposal replacement or repair in Atlanta!