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  • Reasons Plumbing Contractors in Atlanta Get Calls for Toilet Repair

    Plumbing Contractors in Atlanta Tell All… Sort Of

    Plumbing Contractors in Atlanta Great idea for a new reality show – a camera crew follows plumbing contractors in Atlanta to see what happens. The possibilities are endless, from the scandalous to the ridiculous, with the occasional splash of horror.

    Ask any plumber in Midtown to tell toilet repair tales, and you’d hear about:

    The Toddler Who Terrorized a Toilet

    You may have lived this horror story before, too. As the tearful parents tell it, suddenly they realized the house had grown quiet…too quiet. Then they heard giggling. They opened the bathroom door to find their tyke standing ankle-deep in toilet water. Flush, flush, flush, giggle, giggle, giggle. One look at the bowl and the problem was clear: their little darling had shoved an entire roll of toilet paper into the potty. The resulting jam was so bad that even an industrial strength plunger proved powerless.

    A Doozy of a DIY

    Some repairs are better than others. Some excel in one area only: creativity. Take the homeowner who constructed a curious contraption to fix an under-sink leak. Imagine one 2-litre soda bottle and a whole roll of duct tape, and you’re on the right track. Surprisingly, it worked – technically, for a while.

    The Decorating Debacle

    Here’s the scene: You walk into a charming little bathroom that’s had a recent makeover. Nice walls, pretty fixtures, new tile. It’s looking good until you notice the problem. The homeowner definitely succeeded in moving the toilet paper holder to a more convenient spot. However, he forgot to take into account the fact that the toilet seat and lid needed a bit of clearance space to be able to open and close. Now, the protruding TP holder keeps the seat in a perpetually raised position. It could work, maybe.

    Nice, But Not That Shocking…

    True enough. Most calls we get for toilet repair are pretty mundane. Someone flushed something they shouldn’t have. Maybe the toilet won’t stop running. Perhaps it’s time to replace the toilet – either in part or in total.

    But here are some pretty shocking toilet tales from around the world. Have you ever heard these stories? They’ll make you look twice before you flush!

    French Queen’s Golden Hairpin Flushed on the Throne

    Queen Catherine de Medici’s Parisian home, Fontainebleau Palace was under restoration when some archeologists made the kind of find that’s…well, a royal flush. Right there in a communal toilet on the grounds, they found a gold hairpin topped with her distinctive interlocking-C’s design. Oddly, most of the queen’s jewelry collection has vanished over the years – stolen or lost – so perhaps the commode is the most secure hiding place after all.

    Plumbing Contractors in Atlanta Honesty Pays Off, Even in a Potty

    doesn’t usually top the list of high-paying gigs. However, one janitor down under proved that one good turn deserves another. While cleaning the bathrooms at Melbourne’s Channel 9 Docklands, Chamindu Amarsinghe discovered a stash of cash that gives new meaning to “doing your business.” All told, his find netted more than $100K stashed in a sanitary bin and in the bathroom’s pipes. Rather than fill his pockets and clock out, he reported the find to his boss. The police came to the scene to investigate, but where the cash came from remains a mystery to this day. The court magistrate rewarded Amarsinghe’s honesty – to the tune of $80,000.

    Not Everything You Find in a Lavatory Is Lovely

    Lest you decide to adopt poring over privies to find pearls and prizes your new hobby, take heed. Not every toilet find is a good one. There’s the guy in South Florida whose bathroom pipes suffered an invasion by a live iguana. Worse, poor Attaprn Boonmakchuay of Thailand had an unfortunate meeting with a potty-loving python (shudder). Then, there was the shocking discovery in Reddish (England), where someone found a live three-inch mortar from World War Two in an outside toilet.

    Now, the odds are that whatever’s junking up your john is far from shocking. But that’s okay. We’re still interested in rescuing your restroom. Once you’ve welcomed us into your washroom once, we know you’ll keep calling us every time you need help.

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