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  • A Bizarre Story about Garbage Disposal Repair from Plumbers in Atlanta, Georgia

    Bizarre stories about garbage disposal repair happen, even in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn a more about how strange things can happen with your garbage disposal, read on.

    Plumbers in Atlanta Georgia Garbage disposal repair is pretty straightforward. That doesn’t mean it is always easy to fix the problem. It just means the problem is pretty basic. In most cases, something got stuck in the garbage disposal and to get your disposal to work right, you need to remove it. Simple, right?

    It is simple, unless you have a cat stuck in your disposal.

    No kidding. One of the strangest garbage disposal repairs ever involved a curious kitty. The cat was exploring the remnants of some tuna that was sent down the disposal. Kitty stuck her head in the disposal and got stuck. After frantic extraction attempts and a visit from the local PD, the owners of both the disposal and the cat removed the sink and the upper part of the disposal – with the cat still attached – and high-tailed it to the vet to have the cat extricated.

    Simple Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Garbage Disposal Repair in Atlanta, GA

    Your garbage disposal clog likely won’t need to involve a vet, but it could need a plumber to get the job done right. Here are the most important tips to know about your garbage disposal repair in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Do I Need to Call A Plumber For Garbage Disposal Repair in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia?

    Some garbage disposal repair can be quite fundamental. If the machine clogs up, start by turning off the power. Use a flashlight and take a look to see if there is something in there that shouldn’t be, like a spoon. Grab it with a pair of pliers and pull it out. Then, turn the power back on, and hit the reset button on the disposal. Always make sure you have allowed time for the disposal to cool down before you turn it back on.

    Plumbers in Atlanta Georgia If that doesn’t work, try using a wooden spoon or a thin broom handle. Again, make sure to shut down the power. Stick the dowel into the disposal, and wiggle it back and forth to move the blades apart. Then, try the reset button again.

    If you can’t move the blades with the dowel, take out the little “L” shaped hex wrench you got with the disposal, and insert it into the hole in the bottom of the disposal. Give it a twist, back and forth. This motion will open up the impeller (blades), and allow the clogged food to shift out of the way. Try the reset button again to see if this solved the problem. You can see this being done in this article.

    If the disposal is still not functioning, it’s time to call the plumber. Get an expert in to take care of the problem. It is the safest way to make sure you don’t create a bigger issue. Morningside Plumbing can take care of just about any repair with your garbage disposal.

    Unless it’s a cat. You need a vet for that.

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