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  • 3 Good Reasons to Call a Pro for Bathroom Faucet Repairs in Atlanta

    If your first thought about bathroom faucet repairs in Atlanta is “That doesn’t seem all that difficult,” that’s the best indication you should call a professional.

    Faucet Repairs in Atlanta I’ve often wondered what the percentage is of jobs that plumbers do versus the percentage of jobs that homeowners do and plumbers have to repair. Take bathroom faucet repairs in Atlanta for example.

    One guy noticed a little leaky faucet in the bathroom. He was so sure he had done a good job on the bathroom faucet repair. Used some heavy duty duct tape and presto! No more leak!

    Unfortunately, while the family was away on vacation, that little leak turned into a huge leak, flooding a good portion of the house. He should have called a professional.

    Here are the top three reasons you should almost always call a professional for bathroom faucet repair in Atlanta.

    Reason Number One: A Professional Knows What He’s Doing

    Plumbing is as much fine art as it is a learned skill. It’s learned through years of schooling and apprenticeship and honed with hands-on experience. When folks decide to take things into their own unskilled hands, they often end up with disastrous results.

    They discover, often to their dismay, they still need to call the plumber. But the cost just went up exponentially, because now the plumber first has to clean up the new mess and then do the actual repair.

    Reason Number Two: A Professional Already Has All the Right Tools

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never known anybody who tried to do a home repair that didn’t have to make at least one, and often more than one, trip to the hardware store.

    Never mind that they gathered all their tools and made sure they had the right screws, or washers, or replacement parts. It’s rare that the average Joe already has exactly what he needs.

    And I can’t count the times they’ve recounted stories about going to pick up just one thing and returning home, only to find they had to turn around and go right back.

    Whether it’s because they got the wrong size or the wrong piece or didn’t have the proper tools to do the job in the first place, it seems like there’s always a need to return to the store.

    Reason Number Three: A Professional Can Do It Faster

    Have you ever tried to assemble something that came with a lot of parts, like a crib, a bicycle, a bookcase? Maybe a playhouse or a swingset? If you have, then you already understand Reason Number Three.

    When you’re not familiar with something, it takes a bit of time to put it together. You’re constantly referring back to the instructions, reading and re-reading, and carefully matching the part illustrations in the instructions to the parts scattered out in front of you.

    You may put something on backward, and then have to spend time taking it off and putting it back on the correct way. Such a pain.

    But someone who puts bikes together for a living can put one together in a fraction of the time it takes you.

    You can apply that same logic to bathroom faucet repairs in Atlanta. Your plumber has probably done hundreds if not thousands of bathroom faucet repairs. He can take it apart and put it back together with his eyes closed.

    Here’s the Solution

    The best way to know when you should call in a professional is when something happens and you’ve got no prior experience with it. If you’ve got bathroom faucet repairs that need attention, call us!