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  • How a Plumber in Atlanta Can Change Your Life Overnight

    When you picture a knight in shining armor coming to your rescue, is he carrying a plunger and a plumbing snake? Yes, if it’s this plumber in Atlanta.

    Plumber in Atlanta The other day, I was thinking about the unsung hero in coveralls… the plumber in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m guessing you probably don’t think about plumbers very much, unless you are one, or have a friend or family member in the plumbing business.

    Most of us go about our daily lives without giving a second thought to plumbers, until…

    That awful moment you walk into the laundry room and step into a puddle. Or as you watch that last flush just keeps rising and rising.

    I’d be willing to bet a plumber is the first and only thing on your mind in that moment.

    But Change Your Life? Really?

    You think it’s a stretch to say a plumber in Atlanta can change your life overnight? Okay, so maybe “change your life” is pushing the envelope just a bit.

    But the plumbers in Georgia do an awesome job of making life easier for their customers. From clearing out toilet clogs to cleaning out sewer lines to replacing faulty faucets, our friend the plumber is an important part of life.

    Your favorite plumber is who you call when something’s wrong with the dishwasher and you don’t know what to do.

    It’s also who you call when something’s wrong with the garbage disposal and you thought you knew what to do.

    Who You Gonna Call? FrogBusters!

    Then there was a lady in Florida whose plumber really did change her life. She had a recurring problem with frogs in her toilet. Several times a month, she’d walk into her bathroom and see a frog or two in the toilet bowl, swimming around like it was their own private pond.

    The day one jumped up between her legs while she was sitting on the toilet was the last straw. Frustrated, the plumber went up to the roof and used his flashlight to check out the vent stack. (That’s what vents accumulated gases out of your house.)

    Sure enough, there were nearly a dozen frogs, clinging to the sides of the pipe. This super-hero plumber flushed them out of the pipe into the sewer and the lady never had another problem with frogs in her toilet! That’s one plumber who really did change a life!

    How About This Train Wreck?

    What would you do? You’re the owner of a casino and your sewer line is backing up and getting worse by the minute. Whatever’s clogging the line is so bad it’s now in the primary sewer line. All the pipes in the casino are beginning to back up…soon raw sewage will be flooding the entire casino floor.

    Again, super-hero plumbers to the rescue! Granted they weren’t plumbers in Atlanta, Georgia, but they were still heroes that night! Turns out they were able to recover the source of the clog – four toys, Thomas the Tank Engine to be exact, straight from the toilet of the daycare!

    The Takeaway Is…

    The purpose here is not to highlight the fact that your plumber in Atlanta can change your life overnight. Maybe he can; maybe he can’t. But what you can bet the house on is that if you have a plumbing issue, life-changing or not, you want to have the name of a reliable plumber always on hand.

    They really are unsung heroes. They go places the rest of us won’t go, they do things the rest of us can’t or won’t do, and they pull things out of places the rest of us don’t even want to know about.

    April 25th is National Hug a Plumber Day. Mark your calendar and be sure to let your favorite plumber in Atlanta know how much he’s appreciated.