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  • What Can Plumbing Companies in Atlanta Tell Me About a Total Home Re-Pipe?

    Here are a few total home re-pipe tips for homeowners from top plumbing companies in Atlanta.

    Total Home Re-Pipe One of the most common jobs plumbing companies in Atlanta face is a total home re-pipe. Is it as common as a clogged drain? Well, no. But over time, older pipes can crack, corrode and deteriorate, leaving a full-home replacement as your only option.

    How Do You Know If Your Pipes Need to Be Replaced?

    One of the easiest ways to tell you might need a replacement is by visually inspecting any of your exposed pipes. These are often found in a basement, crawl space or even the utility room of your home. If they look old, discolored, misshapen, or covered in loose scale and flake, it might be time to call for a professional opinion.

    The next most common sign is frequent leaks. If pipe leaks and repairs are becoming a regular occurrence, it might be worth it to save yourself the time and hassle of repeated one-off repairs.

    What’s Involved in a Total Home Re-Pipe?

    Your plumber will evaluate your home’s piping system to determine what, if anything, needs replacing. When the pipes behind your walls are just too far gone, they may recommend a whole-home replacement. But what does that entail?

    In the worst-case scenario, you’ll be ripping out all the existing piping in your home. Unfortunately, this means opening up your ceilings and drywall to access the pipes located behind it.

    Once everything is exposed, your plumber will run new hot and cold water lines throughout the home, connecting them to existing fixtures. You may also need to replace ancillary plumbing items as well, such as the valves, and even hoses running to your dishwasher, refrigerator and washing machines.

    What Causes Pipes to Break Down Over Time?

    Total Home Re-Pipe Well, it depends. The first thing contributing to pipe breakdown is the material they’re made from. PVC pipes are common and durable home piping options… but they’re not impervious.

    One of the most common reasons PVC pipes break down has to do with excessive water velocity. In other words, water is flowing through your pipes too fast for your system to handle, causing an insane amount of pressure.

    Think of it like your standard garden hose. When you turn it on, the water flows freely from the opening, but it may not reach more than a foot or two. But when you block half the opening with your thumb, all of a sudden you have a pressurized stream capable of carrying several feet. That’s what happens when you restrict water flow; immense pressure builds up. When that pressure is contained within your system’s pipes, it can cause leaks, damage, and ruptures over time.

    On the other hand, copper pipes handle stress and pressure quite well. But like all things, it’s far from perfect. Copper is a reactive metal and can corrode when it comes into contact with water measuring a pH of 7 or higher. Rust from old water heaters can also contribute to pipe corrosion, so keep an eye on your heater’s age and performance.

    How Long Does Replacing All the Pipes in a Home Take?

    Again, it depends. If you have a cute, one bedroom bungalow under a thousand square feet, it’s going to go a lot faster than a 2,500-square-foot manor house. The time to rip out and replace the pipes is usually relatively quick, but replacing and repainting ceilings and drywall can take some time. Your plumbing crew should give you a good estimate of how long it will take and what you can expect throughout the process.

    In Need of a Little Plumbing Help?

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