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  • 3 Surprising Things You Need to Know about Toilet Repairs in Atlanta

    Household maintenance is no surprise, but here are three things you didn’t know about toilet repairs in Atlanta.

    Toilet Repairs in Atlanta Do you need toilet repairs in Atlanta? Fresh peaches, morning coffee from your favorite barista, your backed-up toilet on the 2nd floor. Yeah, few things can give off the same pungent odor as when you need some serious toilet repair. It’s kind of like bad socks—there just is no other explanation for the stench. How do you know if you need to call a plumber or if you can fix it yourself?

    Here are three things that just might surprise you about toilet repairs in Atlanta:

    Surprise # 1 Flushing the Unflushable Means Toilet Repair

    I know. You’ve heard it 10,000 times. Don’t flush anything but toilet paper and things that come out of your body. Period. Funny thing is, even though this is one of those things we all say we know, you wouldn’t believe the things people flush down the toilet. Here are three NON-flushable items that many people still think it’s ok to send down the stool:

    Surprise # 2 Atlanta Toilet Repairs Include the Unplungable Problems

    Many homeowners firmly believe anything that clogs up a toilet will move with a plunger. Period. The sad truth is it’s just not true.

    A plunger can certainly save you a fortune when it comes to small clogs. A little bit of suction created and pop, a small hair clog or paper clog can break free and be on its way, and life goes on.

    Not so true if you have a deep clog—or a large one. In fact, it’s possible to create a bigger problem by plunging the wrong way. Forcing a plunger into the toilet bowl with an initial thrust can push the clog deeper into the pipe. This deeper problem may wind up needing a call to your local Atlanta toilet repair specialists.

    Your plumber will use a special snake, known as a closet auger, to chop up the clog and move it. A drain snake is not the best choice with a clogged toilet. It can scratch the bowl, which is made from porcelain. The auger has a distinctive design and a rubber sleeve, so the bowl is not scratched. You can see a step-by-step process to plunge properly and snake a toilet clog.

    Surprise # 3 Hey Atlanta; Toilet Repairs Can Save Some Water

    Toilet Repairs in Atlanta If you’ve got a leaky toilet or a stool that is always running, you’ve got an expensive problem. Every day that tank is on continuous refill or water is leaking from a bad seal, you’re losing water, and that costs big money.

    Leaky toilets mean lost water. They cause a mess, cost money, and could be a sign of something that can get much worse. Sometimes a leak is inexpensive and easy to repair. The tank ball and flapper can leak and waste a lot of water. In fact, if you can hear the toilet running, it could be costing you up to 300 gallons of water a day.

    Sometimes a toilet repair involves replacing the toilet altogether. If you’ve been putting off replacing your toilet, you might be surprised how much water- and money- you can save. Your toilet could be consuming as much as 38% of your household water. That’s a lot. Think about replacing your toilet with a low-flush toilet and your average-sized family can save as much as 18,000 gallons of water a year.

    Water is not cheap in Atlanta. Contact your Midtown Atlanta plumbers at Morningside Plumbing right here and get your toilet repair in Atlanta scheduled today.