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  • What Will Plumbers in Atlanta Tell Me about Faucet Replacement that I Don’t Already Know?

    A few things you should learn from the pro plumbers in Atlanta before attempting a faucet replacement on your own.

    Plumbers in Atlanta Want to learn about faucet replacement from the expert plumbers in Atlanta? Many Do-It-Yourself blogs and websites tout the ease of faucet replacement. They list a few steps, and make it seem like replacing a faucet is as easy as going grocery shopping. And it is! For the guys that make a living do it. Here are some things you should learn from the pros before you tackle the project yourself:

    Installing a Faucet Requires Some Specialty Tools

    Ok, you’ve got a couple screwdrivers, a hammer, duct tape, and maybe a power drill. That’s enough to handle about 95% of household maintenance issues, and that’s usually what most people have readily available. But to replace a faucet, you’ll need a lot more than that.

    In addition to the screwdrivers (some of which will need to be very, very small for this), you’ll also need a basin wrench or other adjustable wrench, pliers, plumber’s putty, plumber’s tape, a flexible water line extension, gloves, and a bucket. Just to name a few.

    Installing a New Faucet Means Removing the Old One

    This one seems self-evident, but there are more challenges than you might think. For one, you’re going to be wedging half of your body into the under sink cabinet in order to reach those nuts and screws. It’s not comfortable, and it’s definitely not a good choice for the claustrophobic.

    You’ll also likely face nuts and screws that have rusted in place over time. These will be difficult to remove, especially with the other delicate pipes, and parts under your sink. One slip of your wrench and you could cause a much bigger problem.

    Do You Need to Replace the WHOLE Faucet?

    If the aesthetics of the faucet aren’t offending you, then you probably don’t need to replace the whole faucet. You’re likely thinking about a replacement because it won’t stop leaking, and it’s driving you nuts because 1) the repetitive sounds grates on your nerves, and/or 2) it’s wasting precious water and driving up your bill. If that’s the case, here are a few of the most common reasons:

    1. Problem with the O-Ring?

      Over time, the small disc attached to the stem screw holding your faucet handle in place can loosen or wear out. Replacing this piece, known as the O-ring, can solve your leaking problem.

    2. Corroded Valve Seat?

      The valve seat is the connecting point between the faucet and water spout. Accumulation of sediment and mineral deposits can cause corrosion and water leakage over time. Sometimes cleaning it is sufficient to solve the problem, but sometimes it does need to be replaced.

    3. Worn Out Washer?

      Each time you turn your faucet on and off, the washer is forced against the valve seat. Over time, the friction will cause the rubber washer to wear out. Luckily, this is one of the easiest DIY repairs.

    4. Poorly Installed Washer?

      If you don’t replace your rubber washer properly, or install the wrong size, then your faucet will continue to leak. If you’ve attempted the washer repair yourself, and it didn’t work, seek professional assistance.

    5. Loose Faucet Parts?

      Much like the cabinet pulls in your kitchen, key parts of your faucet get jogged loose with usage over time. Make sure the adjusting ring and packing nuts are tight.

    The Problem Might Not Be the Faucet at All

    Sometimes, broken pipes or faulty plumbing can cause your faucet to leak. If your plumbing is cracked, it may be interfering with the water pressure. Over time, this can cause a faucet to leak through no fault of its own. This is extremely difficult to repair on your own, unless you are a professional. Get help.

    Who Should You Call for Faucet Repair in Midtown Atlanta?

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