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  • How the Right Bathroom Faucet Repairs in Atlanta Can Save Gallons of Water

    If you think you might need bathroom faucet repairs in Atlanta GA, it behooves you to check the signs and make sure you get those repairs right away to save water.

    Bathroom Faucet Repairs in Atlanta GA Wondering if you need bathroom faucet repairs in Atlanta GA? If so, it’s important to do so quickly. Otherwise, you could be wasting gallons of water every day, an amount which can add up pretty quickly over time. (We know how everyone feels about math, so we’ve done it for you down below.)

    The truth is, if your faucet is misbehaving in any way, it’s probably time to get it fixed. In some cases, a repair may not be enough, and you’ll need to consider a replacement instead. We’ll take a look at both scenarios, and send you on your way with a downloadable checklist to help you decide between the two, as well as save water in the future.

    Bathroom Faucet Repair: When Do You Need It?

    Much like with kitchen faucet repair and replacement, the biggest indicator that you need to work on your faucet is when it is dripping. That usually means something has broken and needs to be either tuned up or replaced. For the most part, that takes expert help. Unless you routinely get all up in there, it’s unlikely you’ll know what you’re looking at – which is where a qualified plumber comes in. And by “qualified plumber,” obviously, we mean us.

    Qualified plumbers aside, it’s important to understand when it’s time to call one. If your faucet won’t turn off no matter how hard you crank, for instance, that’s definitely a sign that something is wrong with it. Even if it just dribbles for a minute or two after you turn it off, but then stops, you should still get it checked out. This is usually a sign that something is wrong inside, and you can save beaucoup bucks if you diagnose it in a timely fashion.

    Other Signs Something is up in the Faucet Arena? Call a Plumber if You See:

    • A noticeable spike in the number of gallons you’re consuming every month
    • Water pooling under the sink
    • The faucet or bowl of your sink seems to be rusting
    • The handles become hard to turn, either on or off

    This goes for both faucets in the bathroom sink and faucets in the shower. In the cause of the shower, you might notice dripping from either the tap or the shower head. Both are indicative of a problem. If you see either, call a plumber right away.

    When You Should Repair Versus Replace

    Bathroom Faucet Repairs in Atlanta GA So the question becomes: When should you repair your faucet, and when should you replace it? To answer this question, let’s take a look at a few of the most common scenarios in which you should fix your faucet rather than buy a new one:

    • If the leak is minor
    • Or, if the problem is easily accessible and only requires a quick fix
    • If you have to replace only one broken part
    • When the fix costs less than the price of a new faucet
    • If the faucet is newer and should have many years left
    • If it is within its warranty period and you can get new parts for free
    • When your plumber recommends a fix

    The last is especially important. Unfortunately, sometimes a very small drip indicates a very big problem. While it’s obnoxious to have to spend more just because you hear a minor splash every now and again, it’s often the right call. In plumbing, as in so much of life, it’s better to fix a minor issue upfront than it is to “wait and see.” Because waiting and seeing often results in seeing one outcome: a much bigger price tag on your plumbing estimate.

    That’s No Good, Right?

    So don’t make the thoughtless move and hope for the best. A faucet that starts dripping is not going to stop. While you’re hoping that it will just go away so you don’t have to deal with it, your water bill is rising higher and higher, harming both your bottom line and the Earth itself.

    Don’t Wait to Repair Your Faucet, and Here’s Why

    bathroom faucet repair in atlanta Here’s the thing: a leaky faucet isn’t a small inconvenience or a minor nighttime nuisance. That gentle drip, drip, drip could be the sound of hundreds of dollars a year, literally going down the drain. In fact, 10 percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more per day.

    Sure, if that were a monthly figure, then we can see why you would wait. But 90 gallons per day equates to 2,700 gallons a month or 32,400 gallons per year. Not only is that an enormous waste of your hard-earned dollars and cents, but it’s also environmentally damaging. With clean water quickly becoming one of the world’s scarcest and most precious resources, we have a responsibility to safeguard it better.

    Having trouble visualizing the amount? Well, the Washington Post puts it another way. Americans waste a trillion gallons of water every year, they explain, which is roughly equivalent to 24 million baths and 40 million swimming pools. It’s the size of Lake Okeechobee and 9 percent of the water deficit experienced in the California drought.

    It’s a whole cartload of water, in other words.

    We really need to save it, especially considering that billions of people don’t have access to the fresh, clean water we often take for granted. Imagine the possibilities if the California drought could end by simply replacing our leaky faucets. That, in combination with installing low-flush toilets and keeping plumbing in good shape, could go a long way toward fixing the ills of this world.

    Want to save more water? Wash the dishes in a sink of soapy water with the tap turned off rather than running it constantly. Wait until dishwasher and laundry loads are full before turning them on. Do your cleaning in the middle of the day, when demands on the water supply are lower. Don’t water your lawn. Plant drought-tolerant native species that will grow healthfully with the natural rain supply. (And hey, if you have more ideas, let us know!)

    The first step? Get started right now by fixing that drip. Of course, deciding to fix and finding the right plumber to help you are two different prospects. Here’s how to approach the search.

    Call the Faucet Repair Geniuses (Or at Least, Experts) Today

    Looking for genius-level plumbing help? You’ve come to the right place. With close to five decades’ experience in the plumbing biz, we can recommend the right faucet repairs or replacement, as well as help you make a difference in the world’s water supply.

    If you’ve decided you need bathroom faucet repairs in Atlanta GA, or still aren’t sure and would like a friendly opinion, please feel free to get in touch with Morningside Plumbing today. Give us a call at 404-984-2090 or contact us via the website. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, offer a quote or set you up for an appointment today. Faucet fixes matter, so don’t wait to attend to that bathroom!