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  • Why Should I Call in an Atlanta Plumbing Services Company for Garbage Disposal Installation?


    Searching Atlanta plumbing services for information on garbage disposal installation leads to a bit of frustration. Why isn’t garbage disposal installation commonly listed among Atlanta plumbing services?

    Atlanta Plumbing Services If you’ve done a basic Google search looking for Atlanta plumbing services offering information on installing a garbage disposal, you’re likely to be disappointed. On the first page of Google results, there are only a couple that even mention garbage disposal installation. Why should you call the plumber to install your garbage disposal? Keep reading for three good reasons to pick up the phone today.

    1. It’s the Toaster in the Bathtub Problem, Say Atlanta Plumbing Services

    I bet you can remember when you were a kid one of the most common scenarios for an over-the-top death scene was the old toaster in the bathtub trick. It always seemed odd – after all, why would the toaster be the weapon of choice? Probably because water and electricity just don’t mix. That is precisely why this is one of the best reasons to hire a plumber to install your garbage disposal.

    It’s important to remember that when you are dealing with a disposal, you have both water and electrical issues in common. Knowing how to work safely with both electricity and plumbing is an essential part of installing a new garbage disposal

    Do you know the electrical codes for your area? Will there need to be any rewiring done to accommodate the new appliance? Both of these could be an issue if you have an older home. In most homes, you have individual circuit breakers. If you have an older home, do you know the circuit breaker the disposal will use and if it is wired to handle it? Codes may also need to be checked to make sure everything is safe and legal. A licensed plumber will know if and when an electrical contractor needs to be involved in the project.

    If the new disposal is not the same make and model as the old one, there could be a problem with the pipes all fitting properly. A plumber will know exactly how to make sure everything lines up just the way it should.

    2. Plumbing Services in Atlanta Agree: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

    Atlanta Plumbing Services Company

    If you’re still thinking back to when you were a kid, Dad probably knew how to fix most anything. Times have sure changed since then, though haven’t they? These days, most households involve at least two jobs or businesses, along with the kids and all their activities and a myriad of other duties and responsibilities. It’s common for people to hire out specialized tasks like plumbing, electrical needs, and auto repair that used to be done by the homeowner.

    If you don’t have any real knowledge of tools or plumbing, along with the electrical issues involved, you’re not alone. While you can certainly look to the Internet for a solution, you might still be in over your head. One of the best reasons to hire that installation out is that you are not the expert – but you want the work in your home to be done by one.

    3. Atlanta Plumbing Services Get the Job Done Fast

    You would probably be surprised just how quickly a trained plumber can install your new garbage disposal. If you’re installing a disposal similar to the one you are replacing, the entire job could be done in less than an hour. Odds are if you attempt this one yourself, you’ll spend a lot more time than that. Add in the fact that your trusted plumbing contractors are experts in choosing the right model and brand for your needs. They’ll make sure you have just what you need, and everything will be working correctly before they walk out the door.

    Summertime is here, and you’ve got better things to do than crawl under the sink and try to install a new garbage disposal. Why not call an Atlanta plumbing service that can save you the hassle and do that nasty job for you? Contact us today to take care of that pesky garbage disposal problem.