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  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement

    What you need to know about expert water heater repair and replacement in Roswell.

    One of the hardest workers under your roof is something you don’t even think about 99.99 percent of the time: your water heater. All day, every day, it faithfully keeps your water at just the right temperature, enabling those steamy showers and sudsy soaks you love. It makes washing dishes a breeze and gets laundry squeaky clean and fresh-smelling. Only when it’s gone do you realize how much you appreciate it. That’s why, if you’re having trouble with your water heater, you need water heater repair and replacement in Roswell immediately.

    Your Water Heater: A Crucial Tool with a Limited Lifespan

    Let’s just put it out there: Water heaters don’t last forever. And while they’re trusty as heck while they’re still running, eventually they give up the ghost. For a gas heater, that may be anywhere between 8 and 12 years. Usually, the range for an electric heater is a little higher, between 10 and 15 years. So at some point, replacement becomes necessary.

    When you choose a new water heater, your plumbing expert can help you select your model with attention to your lifestyle, capacity needs and financial situation. For instance, gas water heaters usually cost a bit more upfront but don’t cost as much to operate on a monthly basis, so become more affordable in the long term. Environmental concerns may also play in for you, all of which your plumbing professional can explain.

    When Does a Water Heater Need Repair or Replacement?

    Often, however, your water heater does not need replacement. The problem may be solvable with a replacement part or by adjusting the system. Always get a second opinion if a plumber tells you to replace your water heater when:

    • It’s still young (e.g., less than eight years for gas and 10 for electric)
    • You haven’t seen puddling around the base of the heater
    • There are no signs of rust or corrosion inside or outside the tank
    • You’ve only had one issue with it

    In this case, the tank may very well still be good, so opt for replacement options first. You can try to make it hotter by insulating the pipes, replacing the heating element or thermostat, or raising the temperature setting on the heater. The problem may be as simple as unconnected power or gas, a pilot light out or a leaking valve, all of which are very quick replacements that a plumber should be able to do affordably.

    In some cases, the problem is a leaking valve, which may cause puddling but still not necessitate a repair. Sediment buildup in the tank is also a frequent cause of water heater malfunction, so definitely do a flush before deciding a young tank needs replacement. Gas burners also need periodic cleaning, and supply pipes may need tightening.

    Your Family Owned and Operated Water Heater Repair Company

    Whether your water heater needs to repair or outright replacement, we strongly suggest you don’t try to do it yourself. Firstly, even a broken water heater can generate dangerous temperatures, and you could burn yourself badly. Secondly, you could void the warranty by tinkering with the heater when you aren’t familiar with its parts and how it works.

    That’s where Morningside Plumbing comes in. If you want to know more about water heater repair and replacement in Roswell, get in touch with us by phone or email today and we’ll help you get what you need. We look forward to making you our newest member of the Morningside family.

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