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  • Plumbing Service Agreement

    Why Should I have A Service Agreement?

    Ever had a leaky faucet, stopped up drain, or wonder if your water heater was operating at top efficiency? Most of us have. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone check all of your plumbing needs once a year and to make minor repairs on the spot? This is just what your Plumbing Service Agree is designed to do. With routine maintenance on your entire plumbing system, these minor irritations will disappear.

    A Service Agreement Customer Receives the following twice a year.

    A. Checks of plumbing system, including minor faucet repairs (washers only)

    B. Peace of mind knowing your system is operating safely and efficiently

    Twice A Year We Will Inspect and Test:

    Bathroom Faucets, Toilets, and Tubs for Leaks 
    (Toilets Include Dye Testing)

    Kitchen Sink, Pipes and Faucet for Leaks

    Faucet Repair in Atlanta

    Showers and Valves

    Visual Inspections of Exposed Drains

    Sump Pump

    Check All Exposed Hot and Cold Water Supply Lines

    Main Water Valve

    Water Pressure

    Washing Machine Hoses

    Tag All Main Water and Gas Shut-Offs

    Gas Water Heater

    1. Inspect to see if pilot light is burning
    2. Check for proper vent draft
    3. Check for leaks
    4. Check temperature and pressure safety relief valve

    Electric Water Heater

    1. Check operation of elements
    2. Check thermostat operation
    3. Check for water leaks
    4. Check temperature and pressure safety relief valve

    Morningside Plumbing Services Inc.

    • For an additional $275, we will inspect your sewer line with our recordable camera if you have an external clean out.
    • If you do not have an external clean out, we will inspect your sewer line by pulling a toilet in your home, camera the
      sewer line and then reset the toilet with a new wax ring and caulk for an additional $250 (total of $525; Normal value
      of $850).