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    Georgia Capitol Museum

    The Georgia State Capitol is a landmark building in Atlanta. The statue of Lady Freedom, which atop the building holds a sword and lantern, has captured the attention of Atlantans since 1889. The neoclassical building has Victorian influences that are reflected in the artistic motifs. It is a National Historic Landmark located at 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA. Here, you can see the building’s history and learn about Georgia’s government.

    The Georgia Capitol Museum focuses on the history and culture of the State Capital building. There are many fascinating exhibits that tell the story of the building and its many uses, from the beginning of its construction to today’s state and national politics. You’ll also find historic flags and works of art on display. Don’t miss the Miss Freedom exhibit, which includes a model of the Capitol Dome. You can also view the Governor’s artifacts, including a replica of the Capitol time capsule. The exhibits also feature Georgia’s natural resources, including a diorama of the state’s four major climate zones.

    The Georgia Capitol Museum is located in Atlanta, GA, just 0.9 miles from downtown Atlanta. You can explore the building and tour the state capitol for free. The museum also has exhibits on the state’s natural resources and wildlife, and it also features artifacts that tell the story of the capitol’s history. You can also get a look at the Dahlonega gilded dome, which is free to view. Read more.

    While you’re in the Georgia Capitol Museum, don’t miss the statue of 33 African-American legislators. It was commissioned in 1976 by the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and unveiled in 1978. It commemorates the 33 African-American legislators who were expelled from the Georgia legislature in 1868. The statue is located on the capitol grounds and is topped with native gold. The statue is a popular photo opportunity and a great way to learn more about the history of Georgia’s state capital. More things to know.

    The Georgia State Capitol is the state’s primary government office building. It houses the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and a state museum. The Georgia State Senate and House of Representatives meet here. There are also visitors’ galleries and a museum located nearby the rotunda. A statue of Miss Freedom capped the dome. The building is a significant landmark in Georgia’s history. Another cool place.

    The Georgia State Capitol is the main operating building of the state’s government. It houses the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and many other government departments. In addition, the State Capitol houses the General Assembly. The fourth floor of the Georgia State Capitol houses an educational museum and visitors’ center. The museum features Native American artifacts and displays war banners. There’s also a Hall of Fame with memorials to famous citizens of Georgia.