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  • 5 Questions To Answer Before A Water Heater Replacement

    When Should You Begin Considering Water Heater Replacement in Sandy Springs?

    Is a water heater replacement in Sandy Springs on your mind? As you are luxuriating in a steamy, hot shower, a few thoughts might strike you: How old is my water heater? What if it goes out? Is one time of year better than another if I want to have it replaced? And why do my hands look like prunes?! The good news is we can help you answer the first three questions fairly easily. (The prune-thing is an age-old mystery we have yet to solve. Sorry.)

    water-heater-replacement-sandy-springs First Things First: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Water Heater Replacement in Sandy Springs

    Unless your water heater has up and died on you, your need to replace it is not necessarily urgent. However, here are a few questions you should answer before you decide to replace a water heater:

    1. How old is your current water heater?

    Generally speaking, there is a maximum lifespan of 15 years before you will need a water heater replacement in Sandy Springs. However, some can continue to function a bit beyond that date. So, if yours is nearing its last days, you might save yourself some grief by replacing it before its final demise. Note that the fifteen-year lifespan is for storage tank water heaters. Also, note that these are the most common type of water heaters in Sandy Springs. Tankless versions tend to last much longer and are becoming more popular. Also, some tank water heaters may only last eight years due to hard water corrosion and other factors.

    2. Does it meet the hot water needs of your family?

    If you find yourself constantly cursing at running out of hot water (AGAIN!), you might want to consider an upgrade. The chances are good that the unit you have is not the right size for your household. You do not need to suffer for years waiting for an excuse to replace it. Instead, get a correctly sized unit installed to meet your family’s needs.

    3. Where is your water heater currently located?

    If you have a tank unit in a second-floor closet, you probably do not want to wait for your tank to spring a leak. It could do untold damage to walls and flooring before you know it is happening. A leak also creates a risk for mold growth and could require professional remediation. However, if your tank is on a cement floor in your basement, a stone’s throw away from the drain, the location is probably fine.

    4. Do you want to switch energy sources?

    Suppose you are running on electricity, but natural gas is much cheaper in your area. In that case, it may make greater financial sense to install a newer, gas-powered version. You could even consider a tankless gas water heater in Sandy Springs. Not only are modern units more energy-efficient than their counterparts, but the switch could also lower your utility bills significantly. So do some math and determine if switching is right for you.

    5. Are you trying to reclaim space in Sandy Springs?

    If so, a tankless option might make a lot of sense. Traditional storage tank water heaters take up to ninety percent more space in your home than tankless models. Their massive tanks, which can hold up to eighty gallons of water, take up a considerable amount of space. So, tank water heaters can hog an entire closet or another main area in your home. Often there is highly valuable real estate you can re-purpose for storage or other uses by going tankless. Even if your tank is in an out-of-the-way corner of your garage, a switch-up is a space-saver.

    Next Up: Consult a Professional Plumber

    Even if you are convinced to switch, it never hurts to have a full inspection done. Then, get an expert opinion on water heater replacement in Sandy Springs from Morningside Plumbing. They will tell you approximately how many good years you have left in your current unit. And help you understand water heater replacement options that will fit your needs and budget. At the least, they can clean it up and ensure it continues doing an excellent job until you are ready to install a new replacement.

    Is One Time of Year Better Than Another for Installing a Replacement Water Heater in Sandy Springs?

    In short: no. Timing has much more to do with your current water heater state and whether its output meets your family’s needs. If you are concerned, you could opt to make the change in summer, when your demands for hot water are likely at their lowest. Still, the decision on when you should do a water heater replacement in Sandy Springs is relatively arbitrary.

    Looking for the Best Water Heater Replacement Pro in Sandy Springs?

    Look no further! The experienced team at Morningside Plumbing is happy to help you make the right choice regarding your water heater. So, if you are thinking about a water heater replacement in Sandy Springs, do not wait. Call us today at 404-873-1881, and let us go to work for you. Learn more about our Sandy Springs plumbing services. Find out all about sewer line replacement, too.