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  • Is Sewer Line Replacement in Atlanta as Scary as It Sounds?

    Get the details you need to know about sewer line replacement in Atlanta.

    Sewer Line Repair in Atlanta

    If you find yourself in need of sewer line replacement in Atlanta, you might be dreading what comes next. You’ve heard every nightmare and horror story in the book, and you’re now gazing forlornly at your beautiful yard, picturing the mucky, muddy mess it’s about to become.

    But take heart! You may have a few options to consider, depending on your situation.

    Opting for Sewer Line Repairs

    Depending on the severity of your problem, and the material and age of your sewer pipes, you may not need to effect a full sewer line replacement. In fact, it might be that your problem is nothing more than a simple clog.

    If this is the case, your plumber should be able to remove whatever is blocking your pipe’s throughput. It’s best to have this done by a professional because they will be able to tell if mere clog removal is sufficient, or if the source of the clog caused any additional damage to your sewer line.

    In cases where the pipes require a fix, there are a couple of options available. For minor damage, you may be able to get the results you need by going with trenchless repairs. Going trenchless saves you time and money, by keeping your yard in relatively good shape. Minus a hole or two for insertion and scoping, you aren’t going to be facing any major trenching.

    Unfortunately, there will be instances where trenchless repair is not an option. This is usually when large sections of your sewer line have been compromised, requiring several feet of replacement. In this instance, you will need to dig a trench, but it will be much smaller than what would be necessary to replace the whole line.

    Answering the Question: Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

    Sewer Line Repair in Atlanta While repairs may seem like the easiest or cheapest course of action, it’s wise not to discount the value a full replacement can bring. There are a few instances when repair just isn’t going to make sense, and you’re going to have to bite the bullet and replace the line:

    In all of these instances, replacement is going to be your best bet. Otherwise, we might as well camp out on your lawn because you’re going to keep experiencing the same problems over and over again.

    Sewer Line Replacement May Not Be as Bad as You Think

    Replacing your sewer line may not be the traumatic nightmare you’re envisioning. There are certain trenchless options available, which will preserve a majority of your lawn and yard space. However, determining whether or not your system will qualify depends on a number of factors including the existing pipe materials, access points, and the length of the lines.

    If you don’t qualify for trenchless repair, then you’re going to have to do things the old fashioned way. Yes, we’re talking about digging big, old trenches through your yard. It’s unavoidable in most circumstances, but let me give you a bit of perspective on the process.

    Here’s an alternative scenario you should consider: if your sewer line is compromised, and you don’t replace it, you will be pumping gallons upon gallons of raw sewage into your yard or (worse) back into your home. This waste will be riddled with pests, insects, bacteria, and viruses, all of which can make you and your family very sick. Eventually, your yard will turn into a swampy, sewage-filled wasteland no one can enjoy safely.

    When you think about it like that, doesn’t digging a simple trench sound like much less of a nightmare?
    How to Determine Whether Sewer Line Repair or Replacement Is Right for You

    The team here at Morningside Plumbing can help you determine the problem and the best next steps. If you think you’re in need of sewer line replacement in Atlanta, don’t wait; click or call us today at 404-873-1881.