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  • Why Do People Call for Atlanta Emergency Plumber Service?

    Possibly real-life (occasionally funny) tales of an Atlanta emergency plumber.

    As a top-rated Atlanta emergency plumber, we have received quite a few panicked calls during our time in business. Most are quite common ones. Frozen pipes during an unexpected cold snap. A large tank water heater which has suddenly sprung a leak. Toilets overflowing onto bathroom floors. Sewer systems backing up into basements, showers, and a number of other places they shouldn’t be.

    Unpleasant, yes. Uncommon? No.

    However, we’ve compiled a few of the weirdest, funniest, and most unusual plumbing emergencies from personal experience and around the Internet. Enjoy!

    Toilet Problems: I’ll Have the Frog Legs, Please

    Atlanta Emergency Plumber A fellow plumber out of Tampa Florida received (yet another) call from a lovely lady with a very unusual problem. A family of frogs was using her toilet bowl for leisure and recreation.

    Several times a month she would find the frogs swimming around the toilet bowl, usually two or three together at a time. Finally, the plumber was able to identify the problem: they were living in the vent stack.
    After pouring water down the pipes, the frogs were presumably flushed into the sewer; the lady never called again.It was either that explanation or she found a fantastic recipe for frog legs!

    Sewer Line Problems: It Wasn’t Me!

    Atlanta Emergency Plumber On a plumbing job a few years ago, we got a call from a nice woman regarding a foul smell emanating from her basement. A bad smell is one of the most common signs of a sewer blockage or pipe problem, so we came out to the house right away. It was the middle of the day, and the lady explained her husband would be home later. She was especially irritated as she had been trying to finish the laundry for the day; a task her husband rarely helped with. After dealing with the increasing stench for the past week or so, she was hoping we could get to the bottom of the problem immediately.

    When we arrived in the basement, we could smell what she was talking about right away. There were also other tell-tale signs of sewer trouble: water rings and moisture on the floor around the drain, and what looked to be settling soil.

    To this day, I’m still not sure what caused the squelching noise under my boot, but the husband happened to be coming down the stairs at that precise moment. He cried out, “Oh, c’mon MAN!” and fled back up the stairs.

    After stifling my laughter, I went up and explained the sewer problem (and the smell) to him. His wife chided him and mentioned he would have smelled it if he’d ventured down there before now.

    He blushed and chuckled a bit, saying, “I was going to ask what the heck you had for lunch!” Without batting an eye, I said, “Burritos!” and went back to fixing the pipe. Atlanta emergency plumber for the win.

    Sprinkler Line Trouble: Next Time, “Axe” for Help!

    Atlanta Emergency Plumber A friend of ours received a call from an irate woman, informing them her lawn was flooding with water, and she couldn’t find the shut-off valve. They arrived to find her yard completely saturated, as she stood to the side wearing a housecoat, rain boots, and an extremely sour expression.

    They assured her everything would be all right, and asked if she might have any idea where the shut-off valve was. “Or, perhaps your husband might know?”Her expression grew even darker and she said, “No, he most definitely does not!”

    After finding the valve and turning it off, they quickly spotted the source: a severed underground sprinkler line, located at the bottom of a shallow hole. Lying immediately to the side of it was an abandoned axe.

    As they slowly took in the scene, the woman enlightened them. “My husband (name withheld to protect the innocent) thought he’d do a little gardening. While he was digging a hole big enough for the new bush, he apparently encountered a ‘root.’ Instead of using common sense, he decided to take an axe to it. And, well you know how that turned out.”

    Plumbing Emergencies: Big or Small, Common or Not

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