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  • Is Water Line Replacement in Atlanta as Big of a Nightmare as It Sounds?

    What You Need to Know about Water Line Replacement in Atlanta

    water line replacement in AtlantaWhen you think of water line replacement in Atlanta, images of a ruined lawn probably spring to mind. Huge trenches and decaying pipes are certainly things that could haunt your nightmares, as is the big price tag sometimes associated with a water line replacement. And let’s not even start talking about what living in a house without water might be like. Ugh!

    But don’t worry; there is still hope!

    Trench vs. Trenchless Replacement

    As little as ten years ago, replacing a water line meant ripping up your front yard in an attempt to identify the problem and effect repairs. However, the technology has come a long way since then. While you may still require a large-scale trench replacement, you might also be able to get by with some of the great new trenchless options available on the market today. And newer technologies can fix your problem in as little as one day.

    One day! It’s not a typo; it’s a testament to how far we’ve come. Let’s dig a little deeper into the replacement options:

    Epoxy Liner Solutions

    With just a few, small entry points, specialists can use air pressure to pump in an epoxy substrate. With the help of a special balloon, they cure the new “pipe’s” inner walls. The whole process can be done in just a few hours, and is best for repairing small-scale pipe damage. This saves time, money, labor, and most importantly…your lawn!

    Pipe Bursting

    This is exactly what it sounds like, though probably not what you’re picturing. (We’re not going to send fireworks or explosives down your pipes, promise!) A replacement pipe is fitted with a special conical head, then pushed into the damaged pipes. The head on it can expand, essentially “bursting” old pipes as it goes, leaving clear space and more room for the new pipe following along behind it. The distance to the damage point, as well as the material of your current piping can be a determining factor in whether this is the right choice for your solution.

    Traditional Trenching

    In this case, qualified specialists excavate the area around your water line, giving them access to replace the entire length of the main line. The old pipe is completely disassembled and removed, leaving ample space for the new pipe. Once it is placed, sealed, and cured, water will be turned back on. Once they ensure no leaks exist, they’ll go about filling the trench back in.

    Assessing the Issue and Recommending a Solution

    If you start to have issues with your water pressure, or notice newly formed bogs in your front yard, chances are good you’ll need a water line replacement. After a technician has sent a camera through the pipes, you’ll at least know what you’re facing; but determining the best option for your type of replacement depends on a few things about your specific situation:
    • Whether you require a full replacement, or just a partial
    • How your house sits in relation to the water pipe and the damaged section, or sections
    • Where your existing landscaping (protected trees, etc.) sits
    • Where your utility lines run

    Getting Down and Dirty

    After all the factors have been mapped out, and you’ve received a written estimate or two pricing out the job, it’ll be time to cut the water and get to work.

    Once the job is complete, you can go back to life as usual. In the case of trenching, you will have some signs of the work still lingering, until your grass can grow back. Yes, it’s certainly a pain; but some dirt lines marring your grass is definitely better than having a boggy swamp yard or a flooded basement. Right?

    Water Line Replacement Done Right

    While you might find several companies who claim to be able to handle the installation, don’t trust the safety and comfort of your family to just anyone. Our plumbing pros are standing by ready to help you assess the situation, and restore your water (and life) back to normal.

    If you think you might be in need of water line replacement in Atlanta, don’t wait; call us today at 404-873-1881, and let us get the job done right.